Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Secret Santa Gift

Last night was an awesome outting with my coworkers! And I had the best secret santa gift you can see I got the fab sequin LeSportsac cosmetic bag, a starbucks gift card (bc who doesn't need their caffeine fix!) and jars!! G knows me so well, a few peeps asked me why the the jars, but seriously, they're brilliant. I def have to get creative in my tiny NYC apt, and since everything is out in the open for all to see when they come over, I want it all displayed in the prettiest way. What I put in jars:
Red vines
Ground flaxseed
Chopsticks and utensils
Jewelry and watches
Tea Bags (although I heard it's bad for the tea bags not to be able to "breathe")
the list just goes on...

Obsessed! And a side note, if you can see in the background of the pic, there are flowers in jars! ha Thanks BFFL...xo, B

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking a Bit Too Familiar

(Rebecca Minkoff Covet bag picture from Shopbop, Marc by MJ Ozzie Smith bag from Zappos)

Not sure where these bags got their inspiration from...but both Rebecca Minkoff with her Covet bag and Marc by Marc Jacobs with his Ozzie Square Smith bag, debuted these bags with quite similar shapes, materials and hardware this season. Very peculiar...just sayin, xo, B

LeSportsac Steps Up Their Game

Just doing the usual Shopbop check for what's new, and found these cute and very reasonably priced Le Sportsac bags. Le Sportsac has definitely stepped up their game from the usual functional nylon totes with cheeky prints. They're totally practical and fab...this sequin cosmetic bag is only $28, a perfect gift for the holiday...hint hint. And the Christmas shopping continues...xo, B

LeSportsac Black Opal Drawstring Cross Body Bag found on Shopbop