Monday, February 14, 2011

MAC - Wonder Woman

So I'm totes slow on my roll with this...Wonder Woman for MAC... simply amazeballs. After looking for a hot color for the MJ Collection Show tonight, I found that MAC was doing another capsule collection featuring Wonder Woman on lipsticks, powders, mascara etc...I immediately had to do some lunchtime shopping! I ended up getting "Russian Red" which is hot hot hot. Can't wait to bust out this lipstick, I feel empowered with this, lol...xo, B
I have to save the packaging too!

So cute!

Check the little red star on the gold case!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fashion Popo

Spotted, Fashion Police in Soho...not sure what this is for, but the "Fashion Force" police like car was driving around Soho today. Totally random...but of course the Fashion Police would be riding in a Benz. Lol...xo, B

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York

Last night's press screening of the Bill Cunningham New York documentary left me completely enthralled by the simple and detached life this 80 year old fashion photog lives within the pretentious world of NYC. The further the movie progressed, the more and more I began to love him. The small details of him wearing a blue workers smock to the bougie social gatherings of NY to his conclusion that obviously he's "not intesterested in celebrities with their free dresses, [he's] interested in clothes." Straight to the point...his modest point of view is logical and relatable. He prides himself on not being wasteful, only possessing a few shirts and living in a tiny space filled with filing cabinets archiving his work. He lives, and lets live, he treats everyone equally while rubbing shoulders with some of the most powerful people in NY. I absolutely loved this movie and Bill is definitely a wise old soul. If only there were more Bill's in the world, our world would be a better place. Love love love...definitely a Go See! xo, B

His tiny apartment in Carnegie Hall

(all pics from the Zeitgeist Film site)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celine Spring 2011

Yes, I'm slow on my roll, but had to put up Celine's Spring 2011 Ad shots by Juergen Teller because they're freaking amazeballs! And of course Daria Werbowy is totally gorg...but it's the skateboard and big cheeky sunglasses that does it for me! And if you notice the knotted cuff Daria is wearing in the pic above...obsessed! For some reason ever since my mom gave me a gold love knot necklace back in the day, I've always loved knots in jewelry. But this bad boy is $280...ummm probs not...I bet it's not even real gold. But still obsessed with the Celine pics...LOVES! xo, B

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mitsuwa Time

Mini roadtrip to Edgewater, NJ to visit Mitsuwa, the Japanese grocery store/food court. It was packed...and I mean, we circled the parking lot for like half an hour scouring for a parking spot. But, it was all worth the wait. As per my bro's girlfriend, we immediately got in line at the Ramen station which was a 45 min for your food! So an expert as she is at this...she instructed us to now grocery shop as our food was prepared. Which we did...and I ended up with a boat load of groceries...all types of Japanese munchies which I neglected to After we got our Ramen we then had to search for a table to eat at which I hustled for...stalking an innocent family as they finished up their meal. We also got more food at another food vendor, this time more comfort food types with Egg Rice, a hamburger patty and chilli sauce, and seafood in chilli sauce...all good, and amazeballs on a cold winter day. I had to be rolled out of there I was so full...the food and journey out to Jersey was definitely a fun weekend outing. Til next time, xo, B
Egg Rice and Sausage

Seafood with chilli sauce and rice

Hamburge with chilli sauce and rice...totally reminded me of my grandma's meatloaf.