Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congratulation to Me!

After a long days work last night, and almost passing out from heat exhaustion (actually there was no doubt about that one), I decided to treat myself today with a pair of these cool 80%20 wedges from Gilt. They're so cute, and perfect height and color for the Summer...and they also remind of the Chloes, pictured below, that I can't afford. lol I'd actually never heard of these shoes before, we'll see when they get here...can't wait. xo, B
The Chloe's, from Net-a-porter

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perfect Day for Mr Softee!

90s degrees and humid...and what's better than a Mr Softee cone with sprinkles! cone somehow came a little lopsided, and the thing kept melting away! Kind of a sad story...didn't get to enjoy my cone the way I standing standing on Broome St in my new Target gingham romper and jcrew wedges, aww next time...but it was a fun outing with my work peeps!
Those are my sprinkles on the ground, it doesn't look as bad as it was. (sad face) Where's Coops when I need him. Oh yeah, and shout out to Nanuk...Happy Birthday girl! xo, B

Shabu Shabu Time

A long day ended with a great meal at Shabu Tatsu in the East Village with my fave peeps. My bro took me there last night for a late night dinner at this little gem, and it was still full of people for our 10pm dinner. Shabu shabu is always fun since it's interactive and delicious...also the meal isn't that badly priced at $22 per person which gives you your choice of meat accompanied by a salad, veggies and ice cream! This place will definitely be on my go-to list of restaurants...let me know if I have any takers that would like to join me! Loves it...xo, B

Isn't the meat pretty?

Yummy veggies!

Dipping sauces, and onions and grated daikon!

Aww...Shabu Shabu fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gucci Key Case - The Bougie-ness Keeps Spreading

Ever since my stolen purse way back when (of course I've moved on, lol), I haven't been able to replace the perfect MJ key case I had...except for this loud bougie Gucci key case I just purchased on sale at Hautelook. I'm a bit embarrased by the logo mania of this little guy, but, it is perfect for that city girl, who needs her keys and metrocard in one quick and easy spot. And it's so clean looking, I really don't like key rings, they just get so messy looking...and the older I get, I seem to accumulate more and more keys. Love this key case, but why do they all have to be so bougie, LV makes some too, and they're more expensive and just as logo-d up! Oh well, the sacrifices I make for an organized purse! lol...xo, B

See the inside slot for your metrocard...clean and perfect!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Limelight Marketplace

(Racked picture)

Ahmed, Cooper and I stumbled across the new Limelight Marketplace on Sunday after a BBQ in Chelsea. This place is's a little tight, but the set up is so reminds me of a mini-wannabe Galleries Lafayette or Printemps. I didn't get to look around too much, but just a quick drive by, and of course picked up a red velvet cupcake at the Cupcake Stop. It was so good...a moist cake with a deliciously creamy (not too sugary) frosting. It's just so funny to have such a bougie lil boutique-type mall which used to be Church turned-dirty club known for drugs and fights that always broke out...and yes, I did go to Avalon when I was a wee lil' newbie to the City. That's a whole other, this place is worth a peek. I know the reviews of the Limelight have been pretty dismal, like how can we have a "mall" in NYC...but it's pretty cute! A place you're not going to visit for everyday shopping needs, but it's cool to take visiting guests to, or for destination shopping, like gifts of bougie soaps or chocolates. Try it out...xo, B

The club Avalon back in the day (Gothamist pic)

Totally Jeal...Blinged out Baby Chucks

Seriously adorable...I'm just catching up on my weekly reading, and Racked posted these adorable little blinged out Chucks by Stoopher & Boots! And apparently they are opening up a store on the UWS. I'm totally jealous and want these little Chucks for myself...even with the princess ribbon, because duh, I am a princess. xo, B
And I need these ones too!

Lets Eat Cake!

My should-be-professional-Baker-friend Ana made the most amazing cake for my birthday...and yup I'm still celebrating! lol So get this, it's black sesame, peach and basil cake...and the frosting is to die! Thank you sooo much Ana...and you should totally start charging for your cakes! xo, B

Of course I had to cut out the B...yes I'm cheesy like that!

Givenchy Jellies!

Hands down, one of my fave sandals of the season are the Givenchy Jellies! Jellies always remind me of being a kid, except mine were a translucent blue shade and totally not as badass these ones! The chain detail dresses them up a bit, and the black gives it a goth look...I just realized I post about shoes way more often than anything else! lol, loves it...xo, B

Monday, May 10, 2010

Full House Sick Day

Feeling crappy from some type of sinus/allegy thing, but nothing is better than having a day off from work and watching some good ol' reruns. And Full House is one of my fave oldies...Uncle Jessie is still a total hottie with his blown out hair, and it's hard to believe the Olsen empire was bustling out of the lil' Michelle Tanner. Good times, miss being kid (and my mom doting on me was always nice too)...xo, B

Loving Joey's sweater...classic 80s! It never really dawned on me how weird of a living situation these men lived in...hmmm

DJ was the coolest kid ever...I always wanted long hair like hers, and would spray myself full of Aquanet to try and get her look. And I would totally wear her military inspired top now! haha

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Holy Cow is Right!

OMG...remember my post of the girls I spotted in Soho...never did I think I would see those pink Louis Vuitton boots again! But, low and behold, as I was perusing twitter on my BB last night, I read Nylon Mags tweet "Holy cow! It's a pink shearling Vuitton bootie!"...and knew exactly what boot they were talking about! Holy Cow is right...these boots are even crazier looking up close...I guess I don't need to question what type of chick it takes to sport these bad boys, because I've already seen her! Fashion is, B

Friday, May 7, 2010

Vanessa Paradis - CHANEL

Just got this picture of Vanessa Paradis for the new Coco Cocoon Chanel collection emailed to me...and isn't she gorgeous. I love that she's wearing a beanie as she drapes herself over the bag...because that's what every Chanel customer would be maybe not, but I would totally be cradling it if I got one! Fat chance...but a girl can dream...xo, B

Just Call Me Jessica Simpson... I will be that bougie Mama at the airport with Cooper riding in style in his new Louis V carrier! Can't believe I splurged, but it's all for the love of my first born. Now I can't wait to travel. xo, B

Cooper doesn't know how much he's going to love this bag...

He's a bit shy.

There he is...enjoying himself...or maybe just getting bribed with a chicken strip!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bday Celebration - Magnolia Dessert

I was pleasantly surprised by my sweet cousin bringing over some birthday treats from Magnolia Bakery. So of course I didn't mind celebrating one more time with more desserts! She brought a snickers cake (shown on the bottom right), a key lime cheesecake (bottom left) and banana bread pudding. All of them were delicious, but I think the key lime cheesecake was the most refreshing on this hot summery day. Thanks cuz! xo, B

(oh yeah, that's my Liberty of London for Target platter...luvs it!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Snack Time - Russian Style

The Russian at work was appalled by thought that Ahmed bought a massive amount of David sunflower seeds from Costco...when of course the Russians do it better. So he was nice enough to bring in this dark and mysterious treat for my seed loving BF to try. It's always fun to try food from different parts of the world. And it didn't stop there, he brought in some buckwheat for me...and I'm super excited to try this out. Since I love soba noodles...I must love buckwheat in its truest form...right!? lol Well I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes...Thanks Misha! xo, B

Russian Buckwheat

The best part was reading the directions of how to cook the buckwheat. Freaking hilarious, ROFL, LMFAO get the picture. Just try reading it out loud with a straight face, I dare you! lol

Yes, it's about my clogs again...

This sticky icky day is so unmotivating...and all I can think of are cute boxy dresses to go with my new clogs. Stuart & Wright have this great Steven Alan striped Perry dress that looks absolutely comfy and light enough for humid summer days with its light linen cotton blend. But, why does it have to be $225...and why did I have to find it after my birthday month shopping bonanza...? Well I'll just have to keep my eyes looking for a cheaper wannabe of this dress. I think I'm going into birthday withdrawals...signs of a shopping addiction, but we all knew this already. xo, B
A.P.C. Liberty Dress another great easy breezy addition for Summer.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally...No 6 Clogs

My clogs finally arrived! These bad boys are all that I wanted and more...they are super comfortable, although I have to admit after walking around the city the night I got them, my right foot was feeling a little constricted. They def need to be broken in a bit, but the leather is soft, I know that after a little love they will grow to love me back. Obsessed...and, yes, you'll be seeing these on my feet a lot now. xo, B