Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Prep

Just loved yesterdays styling from shopbop's daily email blasts...they're actually the one email that I don't automatically delete from my inbox. I love all the earth tones, and the the slouchy boots! I will def have to recreate this look once it cools down from 100 degrees out here! xo, B


I'm still hurting from my department lunch at L'Ecole, the French Culinary Institute in Soho today. The food was all very good and tasty, but so rich...and now I have a food baby. I started off with pate with fois gras and truffles.

Pan seared rack of Lamb

Espresso and biscotti

And finished it all off with Elderflower roulade with lemon curd.
Definitely a lunch of champions! xo, B

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hamptons Baby

Took a few days off this week to head out to Southampton for some R&R...and it was amazing. We stayed with Ahmed's cousin and her husband, who is the most gorgeous and accommodating hosts, with tricked out cooking skills! Not only is the quality of food delish, but the presentation is outstanding too!

Coop on the ride that not the cutest face!? lol

Bomb-ass meal! Surf and turf for dinner along with numerous fixings. The lobster was the highlight of our stay!

These tacos were amazeballs...chipotle rock shrimp, cajun wahoo fish, and cilantro wahoo fish.

This pic evokes a bunch of memories...I was building a sand castle with the cutest 3 year old while watching a lightning and thunder storm come towards us. The craziest part was when the water suddenly changed from murky brown to a deep green color as the clouds rolled in.

Best of friends...Stewie and Cooper

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gilt-y Pleasures

Totally doing some much needed retail therapy...and of course I hit up Gilt for some solid purchases. I bought the Splendid striped tee, which is actually like coming full circle. For my fully committed readers, you will remember that this tee was on my very first post for Fall 2009 must haves...and, yes, I'm a year late. Well ever since then, my striped fixation has only gotten stronger, and I'm so happy I got my hands on this tee at a fraction of the price! To top it off, I also got some great flats for Fall by Candela...with punk rock spikes to harden up any preppy outfit...Preppy punk rock, remember! xo, B

Foodie Fun

A cookie for my BF...from Dean and Deluca.

Zen Martini from Delicatessan, the picture looks exactly how I felt after I drank it.

Best shawarma ever from Yatagan.

One of the best surprises this edible fruit arrangement for my whole department...thanks Torres!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Like Butta

I got down and dirty with my Netflix instant queue this weekend, watching a bunch of indies...and my fave of the weekend being this documentary, Just for's all about the revolution of sneakers. It was pretty cool, and it interviewed people like DMC and random DJs and kids that are obsessed with the sneaker hunt. And randomly, after watching this movie, I saw that Racked posted about the new Nike air force ones Hamptons edition that came out this past weekend. I've always admired the "game" but never got that into it to know about the latest editions...but I love all things fashion, and this was really an interesting find. My fave part in the documentary was when a hip hop guy was explaining how matching your sneakers to your shirt to hat was "just like butta." Love it...because I can totally relate! (well actually I hate to be matchy-matchy...but just sayin') xo, B

Saturday, July 10, 2010

CVS Faulex

Mel and I got these awesome faulex watches at CVS for only $ the band and the price...who knew CVS was where it's at! xo, B

Jersey Shore...What?

4th of July weekend is one I will never forget, in a weird was filled with wtf and did that really happen type events. It was my first visit to the Shore, and these pics are just a few moments I enjoyed and captured. Love, B.

Mel's German potato salad was BOMB! Def one of the highlights of the weekend.

Lady Gaga @ MSG

After my 4th of July festivities, I came back to NYC excited to see Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden. She was amazeballs...and when I say amazeballs, I mean killer outfits, inspiring banter in between songs, and her fans getting all dressed up just added to the fun. The Gays were out big time, and of course a bunch of them were all done up in drag...which was awesome. Wish I got some pics of them! Ahmed and I got floor standing area, so we were super close and able to see Gaga perfectly when she walked out on the runway. She rocked it...and I even bought a concert tee! Love it, and can't wait to get it all broken in...xo, B.

Saturday F21 Finds

Finally chillaxing and getting some time to internet shop on this muggy Saturday. Forever 21 as we all know is my faves for trendy cheap rings...and they didn't disappoint today. I bought all these rings which all cost under $5 each...I'm obviously having a connector ring moment here. My fave being the crystal one up top, and of course I had to add a yummy stripe tee to the mix. It wouldn't be a success without some stripes...xo, B.


pic from

Booties are the new boot this season...especially with the whole leggings craze, they are a great chunky accent to balance out the slim leg line. I just placed my order on my fave site Endless, because of course they are free shipping and free returns when us girls frequently change our minds. And...Endless had them on sale for $118 from $170 which basically sealed the deal. I also used Ebates to get my 6% cash back on the total purchase, I am totally proud of my discount shopping skills right I couldn't decide between the grey and the black color, which I've been dating for the past month, just ask G or Ris...they had to talk it out with me. Anyways, after visiting the black ones at Bloomingdales a couple times, and watching the stock diminish at shopbop on the grey color...I decided to go with the greys. Can't wait to wear them with skirts during the summer, and leggings in the Fall! Love love love, xo, B.

Dating the black pair at Bloomingdales...of course I had to make my BF Ris try on the other side to get the idea of how they looked with a skirt. Totally heart them!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wayuu Wha? I have a bunch of stuff I need to post after my crazy 4th of July...but have been crazed, so hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to catch up. Anways, remember my post about the Wayuu bags at J.Crew? Well, thanks to my fave suburban blogger, you can actually buy them straight from the Wayuu Taya website. And they have a ton of way more fun colors for the summer. I'm diggin the purple one on top...just sayin. xo, B

Friday, July 2, 2010

VS Dressing Room

K...sorry for the underwater looking shot...but, Victoria's Secret had the cutest dressing room! I always do the yes, maybe or no piles in my head, and usually there is only one or two hooks to work with, but three hooks is perfect! Random shot of the day...xo, B