Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stella McCartney x GapKids

Everything was super cute from Stella McCartney for GapKids, but nothing that I love love loved. Of course the kids in their ad look adorable, but my fave pick of this collection are the more adorable espadrilles...these are prob the only thing that I would covet for my own wardrobe...that is if I fit into them! haha...but I'm now talking to all my little footed friends, please get these, perf for summer, and only $40! Cute collection, hopefully Stella remains a staple at the Gap...nice and classic. xo, B

Monday, March 29, 2010

Marais Silver Sandals

This transitional period between seasons is so disturbing, as I posted last week, I bought sandals during our 70 degree weather spell. Well, it was just a teaser, we are back to rainy cold weather, and none of my clothes seem to be inspiring me lately. I was dating a pair of LD Tuttle boots on Oak, but they are gone now...boo! And now they have more spring merchandise like these awesome Marais sandals...so chic and they're def a good basic for all summer long. Now the weather just has to cooperate...xo, B

New Obsession - Red Jacket Orchard

After a wonderful and relaxing yoga class, I walked through Union Square's green market and found the perfect pick me up...this delish fuji apple juice from Red Jacket Orchards. All their juices are pretty tasty, but I like this classic one. This will def be a go to in the summer. xo, B

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dulce de Leche

So yes, I digress to moments of severe mindless convos sometimes, lol, and today was no different in my BBM chat with my bestie Te. We pondered over the nail color of choice for our next mani/pedi for about 15 min...we both have been having love affairs with taupes and reds...but now with the changing of seasons, it's hard to choose! I was scouring for a creamy beige, but not too taupe of a color...and then I stumbled upon this awesome blog Nail Fanatic, in which the blogger Gladys solely discusses nail colors. It's absolutely awesome, and this girl is talented at doing her nails, just check out her work in the pic above! Definitely check her out, this will be my new blog to follow...loves it! xo, B

Kate Bosworth...Casual and Chic

Just a quick shoutout to my biggest fans (especially Em), for bugging me to keep with my postings and get me back on track. lol Anywho...today's Stylecaster posting was about getting Kate Bosworth's look on the cheap. They featured this pic which I love...you can definitely find more pictures of her all dressed up in fancy schmancy looks...but this outfit is so perfect and casual chic! There is not one item of "bling"...no not diamonds, but any type of accessory that kicks up the "look at me" meter. And it's not even necessary, you can look at her and easily tell
this chica has style. Awww, girl crush of the day! xo, B

Rouge COCO

Ever since my trip to Utah, I've been intrigued by podcasts, since Ahmed's cuz introduced me to them. I listen to everything from quirky stories of This American Life, to grammar questions debunked by Grammar Girl and one of my faves, Things You Should Know. And as I was looking for interesting podcasts, I stumbled upon a Chanel one regarding their new lipstick Rouge COCO. As I listened to it this morning, it featured the Creative Director of Chanel Makeup Peter Philips, discussing the brand's new lipstick and the reinvention of lipstick for today's everyday woman. It's true what he says, I like many other women have moved more away from lipstick to glosses or lip balm (my random personal fave being Bag Balm...perfect for the dry winter days, and it can be used to moisturize any part of your body!). I do remember more of an emphasis on lipstick when I was a kid...I always remember my mom being daring with dark shades of crimson and fuschias...and even back then people carried cases for their lipstick, wow it's been some time since I've seen one of those, lol.

So of course, after listening to Peter's podcast, I do want to focus more on my lips...and I will most likely be visiting a Chanel makeup counter soon! He makes a good point, your lips are a major part of your face that you use to interact with people, why wouldn't I want to display them to the best of my ability? So...not that I'm going straight to pick up Rouge COCO, because he also advised to take time and find the shade perfect for you...so I will...my lips will be dating around. xo, B

Chanel enlists one of the coolest French model/actress/singer Vanessa Paradis to be the face of their Rouge COCO campaign...love her!

Jerome Dreyfuss vs. Alexander Wang

I'm craving yummy summery low key (no label) bags to tote all my junk around this summer. It definitely has to be something I can swing over my shoulder during those hot sticky days when you don't want to hold anything, but big enough to carry my water bottle, sunglasses and remaining summer essentials. It's come down to these two faves...The above Jerome Dreyfuss "Bob" bag, which is killer with it's dark sultry tan color that exudes cowgirl chic. I love the hanging buckle strap, and large flap...I just wonder if it's heavy?

My second pick is this cool understated Alexander Wang "Hilary Mesh Shopper." It is big and slouchy and doesn't try too hard...my only concern, is that I'm not in love with having a black bag this summer. Don't get me wrong...I'm obsessed with black...wear it all the time and it has been my staple go to chic during the winter months for sure. Although, this bag could surely be a go-to in my wardrobe for years to come. Ahhhh...the possibilities are endless...this will be a tough decision...but guess who's bday is coming up? And splurging is what I do best, especially on gifts for me! lol...I'll keep you updated! xo, B

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stormy Blur

Just some random pics of the rainy mess that was my evening...we walked home from our trip to Target this evening. I got to pick up a few of the Liberty items, a picture frame and some boxers...but the highlight of my evening was just having a little drive time. I like how the photos are all blurry, which was exactly how I felt carrying all my bags home all soggy and wet. xo, B

Just What He Said...

Totally random and stoked by The Satorialist post today...apparently Italian Vogue featured a spread by Steven Meisel at Rodeo Bar! My local bar, which I feel like shaped me in my wee New York years. I lived down the block from this divey Tex-Mex restaurant, and always had their salads and fajitas...not to mention eating peanuts and throwing them on the floor, while drinking my sorrows away as an itty bitty assistant in the big fashion world. So funny, totally ditto to Scott's comments...almost the same type of experiences. Love it...xo, B

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Whitney Keaton Breaks It Down - Alicia Keys Concert

I had the most amazing time last night at the Alicia Keys concert at the Prudential Center. That venue was stellar, and the acoustics kick MSG's ass. One of my fave moments was during Alicia's costume change, when her backup singer Whitney Keaton completely amazed the audience with her version of "Feeling Good." I found this video on You Tube, the image isn't good but you can totally hear her amazing voice...it was a fun night. xo, B

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sandal Time - Last Minute Steve Madden Purchase!

We are having amazing weather here in NYC...and everyone is out and about shopping in Soho. During my lunch break my newly polished toesies walked me into Steve Madden to check out the sandals. And of course, they walked out with these beauties called "Sturling." They were on sale from $99 for only $59...loved the sequin and beadwork, totally reminds me of the Antik Batik sandals from last year. I'm ready for Springtime! (and fyi my nail polish is OPI "O'Hare & Nails Look Great!) xo, B

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I finally got to go through my Salt Lake City pictures, and it was so nice reminiscing over the gorgeous mountains and snow...which already seems like an eternity ago. My trip was short and sweet, and I will treasure it forever. Not only was it my first time in SLC, but it was fun hanging with good people. Can't wait to go back...xo, B
So peaceful after my first day of snowboarding...the sunlight was beautiful.

Could you imagine having the gorgeous backdrop outside your front door?

Cutest 3 year old ever! lol

My first snowman!

Madewell Sandals

Ok, so these pics are pretty terrible, but I'm crushing hard on these Madewell sandals. I've walked by them three days in a row now...the stappy-ness and perfect wood platform height are chic and easy to walk in. I haven't made a move yet because I may get easily persuaded into committing...and I haven't bought any sandals yet...even though there are a ton that I'm crushing on. I'm trying to make a more educated decision, and don't want to be easily swayed by their flirtatious ways. lol...one of these days I'll have to check them out for the price at least. Til then...I'll just have to stick to my daily visit. xo, B

Kate Spade Window Funland

Spring is definitely in the air...the Kate Spade Soho store was decked out in fun bright colors with pinwheels pasted to the outside of their windows. And I wasn't the only one that was taken by the windows, a woman was taking pictures right next to me at the same time. So cute...but I must admit, a part of me wanted to pull off one of the pinwheels to take home with me. Loving the warm weather NYC is experiencing, and loving how Kate Spade made Springtime feel that much closer. xo, B

Selfridges Ad

Thought this was just a sick ad from Selfridges...such a hip and fun ad, and didn't expect it to be from this UK department store. Love the pop of color...xo, B

Chalkboard Billboard

My BFFL and I stumbled upon this cool "chalkboard" billboard yesterday on Broadway and Grand. I had to take a double take on this wall as we passed, it's such a cool piece of art and concept. I love how the first picture you can't even tell it's a painting on a wall...good times. xo, B

Happy St Patty's Day!

Thought I'd share a bit of my green outfit in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! I don't know why...but I was feeling festive this year. And thought I'd add my new Louis V scarf, along with my Topshop flannel, neon green watch, and last but not least my green bagel! Thanks Teddie for the bagel...Hope everyone enjoys their day! xo, B

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bittersweet Goodbyes

I'm sitting in the Chicago O'Hare airport, waiting for my flight which has now been pushed back an hour and a half. It was a great first trip to Salt Lake City, having a great time snowboarding and hanging out with the cutest 3 year old ever, with great conversation and sights...but most of all I'll miss our home cooked meals by our gracious hosts. I was able to capture this awesome breakfast before devouring it...Steel cut oats, with craisins, pecans, cinnamon apples, with flaxseed and brown sugar on top! Now seriously, not only is it alluring to the tastebuds, it's a healthy well rounded meal with amazing presentation! Thank you so much to our hosts that let us crash, and can't wait to try my skills at snowboarding next. See ya Utah...xo, B

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bayou - Salt Lake City

After a long day of snowboarding at Snowbird, which was awesome, I worked up a massive appetite and sore legs. Our amazing hosts (Ahmed's family) took us out to the Bayou, a great Salt Lake City find for some great Southern cooking. My meal, pictured above was the Gumbolaya, a combination of Jambalaya in an awesome Gumbo stew-type sauce. Delicious, rich and a perfect way to end an awesome day of snowboarding. This restaurant was great for people watching and the added bonus of 100s of beer options...of course I had to have the raspberry Lambic, strong and sweet. xo, B

Crawfish Etoufee


Thursday, March 11, 2010


So random post...but just wanted to put my two cents in about my new fave tee from American Apparel, the "Sexuali-Tee." The name is hilarious...but the fabric is amazing, doesn't stretch out, and it's comfy and sheer without exposing too much. Yes, weird shot...but check out the relaxed fit neckline, love the way it hangs. It's the little things in life that make me happy. xo, B

Off to Utah

Ok...so I've been totally lagging with my posts...work has been hectic, and now I'm feeling under the weather right when I'm heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for a little snowboarding trip. Oh well...almost time to board, and thought I'd post my cute new Marc by MJ logo duffle. Talk to you guys soon! xo, B

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yummy Oscars 2010

Okay so I had to do an Oscars post...and of course my fave Carey Mulligan is at the top of my list in a gorgeous Prada blinged out dress. She's so yummy and cute! xo, B

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten...loving the colors! She's so understated glam...perfection.

Kristen Stewart is gorg in Monique Lhuillier...just wish the girl would crack a smile.

Aww...Meryl...loves her, classic and elegant in Chris March.

So I hate to say it...but I'm totally into the dress by Jenny Packham...but seriously can Miley Cyrus stand up straight...her presentation with Amanda Seyfried annoyed me, but the dress is cool.

Classic beauty in Donna Karen Couture...classic.

SJP in Chanel...love her hair! Bueller is looking a bit older.

Cameron Diaz in Oscar...such a fairy tale dress...wasn't that one of the dresses Rachel Zoe was drooling over at the Oscar show? Is this like product placement, since she did style her...amazing.
Pics from NY Mag