Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Showtime Tribeca House Event

Time Out NY did a collaboration with Showtime, and had designers create rooms in two Tribeca penthouses inspired by the six different Showtime shows. The picture above is the dining room inspired by the show the United States of Tara. I love the painting of the pink sugar crusted lips as the backdrop to the Erickson Beamon chandelier. The whole house was really cool, and it wasn't until I looked back at some of the pictures to notice the extreme thought and detail that went into choosing the decorations. xo, B

Farida and me standing in front of U.S. of Tara cutouts

Weeds dining room

Tudors living room...the paintings were amazing, too bad you can't tell in the picture.

Tudors dining room table

Tudors bust

Nurse Jackie pill bottle wall

Hallway of pill bottles leading towards the Nurse Jackie living room.

Dexter kitchen

Dexter fingerprint paintings

Californication crib

Californication chandelier

Californication bedroom...absolutely sick, the view was crazy!

Watch Out

Just caught wind of this cool watch brand La Mer. The watches are fun and reasonably priced. I'm crushing on the washed grey chain wrap band, it'll be like having a bracelet and watch in one! Luvs...B

Sailor Chic

My bestie Farida, one of my fave shopping and drinking buddies wore the cutest outfit last night on our way to the Showtime event. Love the use of neutrals with her Vanessa Bruno top and the high waisted Theory sailor pants...all set perfectly to her nude Miu Miu shoes, with her "jaded" toes! luvs it...B

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CK for Topshop

Loving the Christopher Kane for Topshop shoes...but they're $310! So not paying that...too bad...B

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Die for Fendi

Peek-a-boo, sexy, whimsical and unfinished lady-like vixen are all things that come to mind after looking through the Fendi SS 2010 looks. Karl Lagerfeld did a great job conjuring up this mixture of beautiful lingerie worn as sportswear hardening them up with unfinished edges. The details were equally delightful, the shoes were lucite platforms with fabric ties that wrapped around the ankles, and the hair was this messy updo, very loose sex kitten. I'm going to try to recreate this hair-do tomorrow! xo, B

La Crepe Parisienne

After being curious all summer about this place, La Crepe Parisienne finally opened! It's the first location to open in the U.S. for this Mexican owned business, and it's on Spring St between Lafayette and Mulberry St. I tried the proscuitto, gruyere (which was substituted for the raclette cheese because they ran out), and potatoes which was delicious. It had a light and sweet crepe which perfectly offsets the salty proscuitto and gruyere, along with the potatoes which added a nice creamy texture. It was cool to see the crepes being made right behind the counter, and the tiny space is chic and matches the neighborhood in Nolita. I will be going back to try the rest of them! xo, B

Overheard at Uniqlo

Stopped at Uniqlo during lunch today to purchase a pink plaid flannel I've been eyeing for a while. As I waited in line to pay, there were three women in their 50s completely decked out in Chanel. I'm not talking one piece here, a bag there...I mean Chanel double breasted blazer, J12 white ceramic watches, Chanel boucle jacket, Chanel cowboy boots, Chanel flats (one in silver, one in patent white with the black toe), Chanel chiffon neck tie blouse, and three different Chanel bags amongst the three of them, and one of them being the brand NEW Chanel Coco Cocoon bag that just came out like last week! It was intense to be behind these women, I couldn't help but stare like a child. I even stayed a good distance behind them in line just to take in the full affect of their beings. One of them with the silver Chanel flats was in line loaded up with Uniqlo basics, while her friend in the cowboy boots kept swirling around the store picking up different sweaters and dresses and chatting to the other two about how cute everything was. The cowboy boots woman picked up a cream fleece and handed it to the silver flats woman to purchse it for her, and threw in another sweater a little later..."I'll just give you cash for it all," she exclaimed. These woman were bigger than "silver flats" checking out the pile in her hands decides that she likes the cream fleece her friend was getting, so she asked "cowboy boots" to grab her one in a small. "This will be perfect for walking the dog" "silver flats" explains. And right there, with that said, I completely understood her...Yes, it's pretty vain to be dressing up to walk the dog, but I am the same way. I take my dog out for walks after work, and we'll walk through the East Village, and sometimes I'll grab a snack at Momofuku Milk Bar, so it's not like I can look like a schlep in sweats. Even my new pink flannel is a total "dog walking outfit." Who knew, that I could relate to this Chanel clad woman...even though their outfits combined could pay for my apartment for a year! I love NYC, it's not everyday you can see and hear these types of things. lol...B

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Preggers Chic

So I woke up this morning to get an email from one of my besties announcing to a couple of us that it is now our job to remind her to dress preggers chic. No, she is not even close to being pregnant, but just planning After all these pregnant fashionable celebrities lately, like Nicole Richie, Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen, Kourtney Kardashian to name a few...the baby bump is the new accessory. I admit, I definitely think I could rock a baby bump with fab clothes, but I have not cataloged a look as of yet. This is the look that inspires my friend...and yes it is fab...just a reminder to the pregger ladies out there, work the bump! xo, B

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Karl Tokidoki

Karl Lagerfeld will have his own Tokidoki doll due out this holiday season. But, not surprisingly, this doll won't come cheap, it'll be sold for $190 at Tokidoki flagships in NY, LA and Milan. The famed uppity designer I'm sure is thrilled of this news, but it's not the first design created to play off the famous and well known creative director of Chanel and Fendi. It would be a cool and fun gift...but I could think of a million other things I could spend that much money on. Gotta love Karl...B

Friday, September 25, 2009

Coco before CHANEL

I went to see the movie Coco before Chanel tonight. It is a good biography, that demonstrates Coco Chanel's eye for construction and simplicity. But I wish we could have seen more reaction from other women as Coco found herself experimenting in tailored menswear. You get the sense that her character doesn't need to be accepted and follow in the latest fashions of the early 1900s in France, but I wish it was shown more as controversial. The movie is supposed to portray Coco, the girl before the Chanel empire, but Coco still is the reason behind women's sportswear, and I wish they could have ended on a stronger note. I was completely inspired by Coco, she is a character that goes against the grain, and resonates how one needs to find their own path, voice and individuality. In a way, she was a feminist...a woman before her the time women did not work for was triumphant. Audrey Tautou plays an elegant Coco, and was breath taking in everything she wore, even the men's striped sailor shirt. If fashion is intriguing to you, this is a must see. Everything is in the details...B

Ironically I bought two striped shirts earlier that day...crazy how Coco's style still resonates to this day.


I had to re-blog this from Garance Dore...this pic is absolutely precious. The outfit is something you could see on a NY trendsetter anyday, but the best part is this little girls is so free and innocent, not even knowing how much of a fashion statement she is making. And, I think I have those look like my neon yellow Repettos, haha. The kids these days, they are more stylish then some of the adults. luvs it, B

Yummy Nails for Fall

I was delighted to get the Chanel email update of their new nail colors. I'm tempted to buy them all now! The blues and purples are awesome for Fall...but there's something intriguing about the Cosmic Violine brownish color, they're describing it as "plum." I right now have a deep purple on my nails, but immediately want to do a color change! ahhh, I usually dread the nail shop, but now I'm ready and know what I want! xo, B


Just finished perusing, and Prada's SS2010 runway was absolutely gorgeous. Every fashion site/blog is obsessing over Prada right now. Spring will be a time for little bermuda shorts, beautiful prints and tailored jackets. Even the styling is a perfect offset to the dazzling tailored looks. I'm dying for red lips and pigtails now...but obviously it won't read Prada on me, but rather a skanky little girl look. lol A girl can only dream...B

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sort of Badass...

I still have never stepped into a Strawberry store, but I've passed it so many times walking around the city. I've heard it's like a Forever21...but today after seeing this top featured in NY Mag's picks for Fall trends, I think I may have to stop in for a visit. This top is sort of will go perfect with my chunky cardigan and black skinnies. xo, B

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This picture is absolutely hilarious from the Twenty8Twelve front row...Alexa Chung is totally giving "wtf" eyes to Pixie Geldorf while Anna Wintour is trying to keep the hell away from them all. So f-ing funny! xo, B


Had to post this picture of Suri Cruise in's cute, weird and disturbing all at once. I'm sure I would have loved to have heels that came in my size when I was young, but how young is too young? lol...even Suri wears heels walking the streets! haha xo, B

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum's Spring/Summer 2010 show today had a front row just as spectacularly decked out as the runway. And my faves were in attendance, Mary Kate, Liv Tyler and Agyness Deyn...they are all power dressers and kill it by mixing up the designers yet still looking laid back. Obsessed with all their looks...B

MKO, Daisy Lowe, Liv Tyler

Emma Watson & Gwyneth Paltrow...totally love her mini with army boots.

Still getting used to Agyness Deyn's haircut.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld (Carine Roitfeld's daughter, French Vogue editor)

Cool perspective of Emma Watson...that looks intimidating!