Friday, November 12, 2010

Kitty Lovin

Yooo...hello again...I know I know...I'm trying to get back into blogging, but work has been consuming my energy and has left me feeling sorta boring and blah. I flipped through my mags and catalogs this weekend to get some inspiration...what I did think was cool were all the cute little kittys popping up in all the ads. There was this sick Cartier ad that had just a baby tiger against a white background, but I couldn't find a good image of it, so all I have is this old Cartier ad from a few years back...still super get the idea.

But, what I love is that Bulgari and JCrew have also jumped on the kitty bandwagon. And they're so freaking cute...just thought I'd share. xo, B

Does anyone else notice Julianne Moore's missing toenails here or is it just me? It's like they just photoshopped them out!
Love love loves what JCrew did with this little kitty.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Inspiration

Just a quick post of an inspirational pic of jewelry found on Design Sponge today. I love jars, and LOVE jewelry...if you came to my would see everything from utensils to dog treats in bell, mason and Ikea jars...and these bad boys are totes at Ikea. It's not an organized way of sorting your jewelry...but it's gorgeous. Loves...will post a pic once the tons of jewelry I own are so beautifully displayed. Til then...xo, B

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Kings Lane - Retail Therapy

Happy Election Day! Hope you all plan on voting today...I went this morning, and it was funny to see the list with my signature on it to match total Big Brother ish.

So after getting my email blast from One Kings Lane this a.m. I quickly checked out the Missoni pillow sale and bought this grey Missoni pillow. I know...a bit bougie but I wanted a basic for my couch...and then I spotted this Sheba faux fur throw! So can't wait to snuggle up with this on my couch and watch movies in the winter! beautifying my apt! xo, B

Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Monkeys Eyewear

Just discovered this rad Italian sunglass store that just opened in Soho called Three Monkeys. As you may know, I'm still a California girl at heart that still loves all the surf brands...even though they may be more focused on the tween market here on the East Coast. But, when I found this sunglass store that actually carried brands like Von Zipper and heart skipped a beat. Especially for the men out there, Ahmed in particular, I hate getting him bougie brands that look feminine that cost like $400 with a huge billboard of a logo plastered on the side. Totes not my steez...

Anyways, this new spot is the first to hit the states, they have a few locations already in South America. The sunglasses are reasonably priced between $50 to $150 from what I saw...and their schtick is the custest monkey...they're kid-robot-like monkeys lining the walls that wear the sunglasses! See the pics below...and you get your own monkey to take home...Genius! My monkey went straight up on my bookshelf at home for display.

These are the sunnies I got by Sabre, a brand that originally started as a blog in Australia but moved to my hometown of Newport Beach to start their biz.

These were the other sunnies I was dating, but my closet has too many studding details lately.

Some of the cute monkeys...loves!

Me! Feeling kinda lame taking a pic of myself indoors for all y'all...but I do it for you!
xo, B

Wedgie Hunting

Happy November! It is frigid...and boots are in full swing out in NYC. I have been contemplating the perfect boots...and I know the wedge boot is hot right now...but in general I've been in seach of the perfect wedge boot because it's the easiest heel to city-walk in. Not only does it have to be of a lower heel height, it still has to look good! Why is this so offense, but all those girls photographed in their sky high heels and boots are not the average city girl walking to work or dinner, or the impromptu walk when you can't find a cab.

So, here are my requirements....I would love the heel to be at most 2 3/4 inches with a good sized platform to look like it's a sky high heel without the discomfort, a rounded pointy toe so it's comfortable and chic, and I want a yummy rich leather that goes to the knee for a tall sexy boot, and maybe some bells and whistles like a chunky buckle like that of Chloe, or a rugged exposed zipper. Don't get me wrong flat riding boots are a great stand-by, but it is not a sexy a boot. And, not to mention, the boot in general needs to be comfortable...on my walk to work I was thinking about what type of insole I would put in the shoe so it's comfortable to walk at least a mile in...and then the Cole Haan/Nike collaboration came to mind...and lets be real, those boots are not hot. But, props to them for thinking of it all...I'm now toying with the idea of getting the perfect boot made...but then that starts all kinds more research. So, here are some of my fave wedge boots that I would like, but are just not perfect.

Pictured above is a Chloe paddington boot (pic from yoox) from a couple years back, the heel and toe are perfect, but the shaft is not that sexy. Close but not cutting it...Made an excursion to Brooklyn this weekend, and found this boot at DSW...this is only for reference, it's almost perfect but way too cheaply made, and the leather is faux. I want my boot to last me a long time.

Full shot of the DSW boot.

Dolce Vita Torino boot...too high of a heel, but a nice basic.

Rosegold boot, love the zipper, but again too high of a heel...and the leather shaft looks skimpy when pulled all the way up to the knee.

This is my faves...Pour la Victoire boot, still too high, but the shaft is hot hot hot.
The search goes on...xo, B