Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hester Street Fair

On this wretchedly hot Summer day, I decided to take a visit to the Hester Street Fair to stop by the Stylist Tent. I wasn't too impressed with the selection of merchandise, and I think it was too hot to even concentrate on shopping. But, I of course had time to grub on some Sigmund Pretzels...and they were amazing! At least I was able to buy something from the street fair...I'm definitely going to hit up Sigmund's to try their pretzel sandwiches. This Hester Street Fair had a good amount of jewelry vendors like Erica Weiner who is one of my faves...but nothing I wanted to throw down my hot cash for. Fun times...xo, B

Gruyere and paprika pretzel with mustard and beet horseradish mayo dipping sauces.

Ummm...random crocheted bike.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy Hoodie from VS

K don't be jealous, I just got the yummiest broken in hoodie from Victoria's Secret Pink store in Soho. Yeah, it's a bit cheeseball in there...and I did feel like I took a step back to 8th grade again...but I love love love their sweats! And of course I'm a sucker for skulls and hoodies...again that's a bit of my OC. They also had super cute bedazzled Yankee and Mets gear...if I were a fan, I would have jumped all over the shiz. Now it just has to cool down for me to be able to sport my new addition...xo, B

So it says "Live Pink" on the upper back part of the hoodie...but thankfully the hood will cover that corny part. lol

Yummy soft inside!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the Rooftop - Whiskey & Wedges

My work peeps and I headed out last night to the Time Out magazine On the Rooftop event at the Hotel on Rivington. We had gone last summer for the Showtime Rooftop event which was bananas, and were psyched to go to this summer's first of four installments. The view was incredible, and the tickets were about $28 each hosted by Stella and Bushmills with a portion of the money going towards the Food Bank of NYC. So of course I had to go for some whiskey and ginger ale and enjoy the penthouse. Def a fun night out, can't wait for the next one. xo, B

Sick views from the roof.

Peeps chillin.

Whiskey and ginger ale.

Can you imagine, this was halfway through the evening, when it started to pour! But luckily me and the peeps got a little nook under the narrow roof covering, while I peeped this secret shot. The cute couple was sharing a moment under the umbrella, until the thunderstorms got so bad we had to go!

Huddling up at the end of the night.

Just because clogs are cool...

doesn't make all clogs cool. xo, B

Supersize Me

(Shopbop Pic)
The jumbo clips by Adia Kibur are outrageous! On one hand I find them cheeky and fun...but on the other...they're totally ginormous. It reminds me of a prop, like something Edith Ann, the character from Sesame Street skits would wear. Remember...Lily Tomlin would play her, and she'd act like a child, sitting in a massive oversized rocking chair, flipping her feet around. I know random...but these are how certain pieces will totally take me to another dimension. And dude, that must hurt to clip it closed, lol. haha...where do people come up with this...xo, B

Edith Ann would totally rock this clip! lol

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Sunnies

Racked posted the Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Sunglass Ad the other day...and I think it's brilliant. But, I love skulls and snake prints so I'm a bit biased...I definitely think the ad sticks with McQueens aesthetics...loves it. xo, B

Bangle Madness

So I felt like piling on the bangles today for a fun Summer look...and yep, that was me on the 6 train this morning taking pics of my wrist, lol. I decided to be random, because the less I think about it, the better my outfit usually looks...starting from the left, is my Louis Vuitton Steven Sprouse graffiti bangle, Marc by MJ bangle, J.Crew rhinestone bracelet, and Forever 21 spikey elastic bracelet. I'm in a flowy summery top, so the stacked mis-matched look is perfect to spice things up. Gosh I love jewelry...xo, B

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rodeo Lunch

Had an amazing lunch today at Rodeo Bar in my hood...I got the veggie & portobello fajitas...and they are the delish! Love Rodeo's food, it's such a little gem to have a bar with good food options, rather than the typical burgers and wings. Of course it's bomb diggity to have the complimentary warm tortillas chips and salsa to start, followed by a pitcher of Dos Equis XX! Amazeballs...check it out...xo, B

Lakers Win Championship

Ok, so totally not like me to throw in some random sports update...but just a little Lakers post. Booyaa...Lakers won the championship last night after a freaking intense game 7! Of course I had to sport my little Lakers tank and sweat ban to rally them on at home. k...that's all...GO LAKERS! xo, B

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strike a Pose

I'm so excited for next month's Vogue issue featuring the gorgeous Marion Cotillard...these pics are stunning. I posted about her before after seeing her on Oprah being interviewed for the movie Nine. She is so old Hollywood sexy, and obsessed with her haircut. I wanted to go short, but my hairdresser didn't really want to chop my hair off. I guess it's for the better, because now I want to grow my hair out. Oh, the workings of a woman, always wanting what we can't have. Well, I can't get enough of Marion, and can't wait for the new Vogue! xo, B
So dreamy...

Pics by Mario Testino for Vogue

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bday @ Bubbys

Best night ever. Went out to Bubbys in Dumbo, which has one the most breath taking views of the city skyline, with the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges running overhead. I met up with my bestie Mel to celebrate her bday over some great comfort food at Bubbys. The picture above is the view we had from out romantic! lol Everyone must check out this restaurant, for the food, laid back atmosphere, cute hipster waiters and the view! The food was amazing and decadent...def shouldn't be eating like this all the time...but for a bday splurge, it was totally worth it! Good times...Happy Bday again Mel! xo, B

For starters, we got the spicy chicken wings...freaking delish!

Crispy fried chicken, with the perfect green beans (they were crisp and garlicky) and mac & cheese with a crispy top layer of cheese...mmm


Dark and Stormy...this was good to me last night...Nice way to end an evening!

Bday pie...tart cherry pie! The cute hipster was was soo good, and I'm so not a pie person.

Romantic night sky at the end of the night.

And yeah, they have an old school photo those!

Monday, June 7, 2010

J.Crew Bestie Bracelet

Got a new bestie bracelet yesterday from J.Crew, right before the store was closing at South Street Seaport. I had been eyeing this bracelet for a while on the website, but never thought I would order it. After begging the sales person to shop for a hot minute, we headed straight to the jewelry sale bin and found this rad bracelet for only $40 (retails for $60)! It's soo perf, dressed up or down, and stacked with a bunch of bracelets or alone. This is a pic of Mel's wrist, with the perfect masculine watch to offset this glam bracelet. Loves it, can't wait to wear mine...xo, B

Friday, June 4, 2010

Over the Rainbow

Got an exciting text from my dear friend Ana, who went back home to California for a visit. She was at the Rainbow Sandals Outlet Store, and asked if I wanted a new pair! So, first of all...Rainbow sandals are like a staple in California beachwear, and the classics are made out of yummy leather with an arch support! Now what flip flops have arch supports...these do need a bit of breaking in in the beginning, but once you get the supple leather to turn all soft shiny and dark, you know you have a keeper. I decided to try the updated skinny strap version pictured below...can't wait to get these babies! Thanks Ana! xo, B

Chic Prints for Nails! just posted this sick image of the new Chic Prints by OPI for Sephora, they're nail appliques in crazy cool prints. Summer is definitely the time I love to experiment with color on my nails...and I can't wait to get my hands on these tricked out prints. I want them all...the tiger prints and stripes especially...I'm going to def be hitting up Sephora during lunchtime! xo, B

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily Inspiration

OMG, just found this awesome section on Vogue UK's site that follows the outfits for a month of different celebs/models/socialites etc. And Alexa Chung was one of the girls amongst Daisy Lowe, Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington Whiteley. It's cool to see what exactly these girls are wearing...and it was surprising to see how much they mix stuff up. It's necessary to check this out...a little peak into the windows of these fashionable girls' wardrobes. Loves it! xo, B
Who knew that Olivia wears "normal" stuff like Topshop and J.Crew!

J.Crew Summer Find

Finally had a moment to chill out and catch up on my mags and catalogs over the long weekend...and found this cool Summer bag in the J.Crew catalog. It's called the Wayuu Mochila bag, a hand woven bag made by the women in the Wayuu tribe from the coast of Columbia and Venezuela, how cool is that! I was stalking the J.Crew site for a few days looking for this bag, and I finally found it up, but only to find that it is already sold out! Totally bummed, and even a little pricey at $175, but thought it was a cool and unique purchase. Perfect for the weekend strolls with Cooper in my long summer dresses. Oh well, I can admire it from afar...xo, B

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rachel Comey Boots

So it's June now...and all the first shipments of Fall start to arrive into the stores, which is my fave season! And boots are my fave type of shoe, so naturally it is time to start peeping the new styles that are coming out. Creatures of Comfort just added these awesome Rachel Comey boots...sick heel, rad colors and perfect shaft height to tuck skinny jeans into! This is just beginning of the boot prowl, but these are def at the top of my list...xo, B

The black embossed croc skin is to die...usually not a fan of the heel not matching the upper material of the shoe...but in this case it works.


I did it again...bought these bad boys for summer on Gilt. They weren't badly priced at $70 for these Faryl Robin snake skin sandals, loving python these days. Never tried this brand before...but we'll see how they fit! xo, B
Almost considering bringing my Chloe phython Silverado out of hiding...and btw, can't believe I just put LL on my blog...umm, she was actually sorta normal and cool back then (circa 2005).

F21 Ring Action

Dabbling in cheapie Forever 21 jewelry is one of my loves...I check the F21 sites every other day at least for the latest arrivals. This wannabe turqoise ring was only $5, and looks great with a good weight to it. It can be hit or miss with F21, but I've learned to shop with an observant eye...and I think I merchandise it well enough to fool the experienced shopper. lol Jewelry goes quick, so if you love it, it's best to swoop in and make your purchase. Gotta love my cheapie indulgence...xo, B