Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can't Get D Bag Out of My Head...

I'm some what of a bag whore, and working in the industry has given me the opporunity to shop for fabulous bags at fabulous prices. But, this Tod's D bag keeps calling my name since Fall came out! I thought my crush would subside with the new Resort seasons outs...but I'm still obsessed. What's a girl to do? It's such a classic style, and works perfectly with my more preppy look I'm dressing lately. Hmmm, decisions decisions...xo, B

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wild Thing

Just a little shoe happy post before I'm off to Philadelphia for Turkey weekend. With all the sale and holiday shopping going on, I've been caught up purchasing and returning for the past week trying to find the perfect gifts and outfits for the holidays. After stopping at Zara to make a return, I found these awesome pony hair leopard shoes...they aren't the Louboutins I wanted, but they will suffice. xo, B

Monday, November 23, 2009

New York, I Love You?

Took Cooper for a walk over the weekend and found this random poster plastered on a dumpster. It's sooo true...If only I had all the money in the world, then I could live the NY life I pretend to have in my head! lol...I would get every hot shoe, bag and look of the season, go to all the "new and noteworthy" restaurants and bathe myself in diamonds...well maybe not exactly like that, but close enough. Just thought this poster was funny! xo, B

Work Twins

Ummm...the more we work together, the more we dress alike. My work BFFL and I showed up at work in practically the same outfit! We both were sporting camel colored Uniqlo sweaters, and corduroys (mine were Uniqlo, his were Gap). I guess we spend too much time together...we have sat next to eachother for the past 3 years! We've had some fun times...xo, B


After our 5 hour marathon of shopping, Farida and I headed to K-Town for some yummy hot Jigae at Seoul Garden. Perfect end to a chilly Sunday evening. xo, B

I forget the name of this dish, but it had kimchi, pork, rice paddies and tofu...delish!

Kimchi Pork Jigae extra spicy! The problem is this soup comes sizzling hot and I can never wait long enough for it to cool down before I eat tongue always gets the worst of it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

SNL 35th Anniversay Windows

I braved the crowds this weekend and did some shopping at Barneys and Bloomingdales and everywhere in between. The windows at Barneys were done up for the 35th SNL Anniversary...they were so fun, my favorites were the Coneheads, the Church Lady and Pat. Didn't end up purchasing anything...but Farida is dating a pair of Opening Ceremony boots now...she's playing hard to get right now, lol. Fun times! xo, B

Friday, November 20, 2009

What's in Your Bag?

What's in your bag? It's that time again, and I decided to hit up my friend Ris for some snooping around in her big bag. And after she dumped all the contents onto my desk, I was already like, I have that...oooh what's that? It's so much fun! And, Ris is seriously the sweetest girl, and a ton of fun to hang out with! I'll definitely owe her a drink for this one!

The bag

The Contents:
Ris's go to stuff in her bag...

Vincent Longo lip gloss

2 Clinique Vitamin C lip smoothie's (p.s.- they're great you should try them out)

NARS Lip gloss

Rosebud Slave- great chap stick

Benefit - concealer - boi-ing

Marc Jacobs- roll on perfume

MJ key chain-

Hat from Forever 21 only cost $4.50

Advil/Tylenol in case I get a massive headache

Nivea soft moisturizing cream for my hands, the best I have found to date

Bobby pins and hair clips for when my hair gets insanely frizzy

Band-aid, for annoying flats


T-Mobile Sidekick Slide- which I hate.. I want a new phone.

MJ- Wallet (don't remember the name)

Check book

Metro card and path card

A button to one of my coats


Pens- my fave pen is my Gelly Roll fine -- my sister bought it for me. I forget what store she got it at.

Deodorant - degree for when you I break a sweat and need to re-apply haha- (gross)

MJ Faridah purse - great purse, it holds everything

...Thanks Ris! I want to try the Nivea hand cream now, and the Clinique Vitamin C lip smoothies! xo, B

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We Don't Need No Education

We Don't Need No Education - Purple Magazine by Ryan McGinley
Found it in UO's blog...Amazing...xo, B

Daul Kim

Just read such tragic news of the model/filmmaker/artist/blogger Daul Kim's death. She was only 20 years old with such a bright future with all her editorials and recent artistic endeavors. It was really hard to even read her blog today knowing that it will no longer be updated...Daul you are in my thoughts, and I will always remember you for being a fashionista and prominent Asian face in this lacking industry. RIP...B

Marion Cotillard

Just watched Oprah, which yes is on my regular DVR list, and she had the cast of the new musical Nine on. After seeing Marion Cotillard's interview, and seeing Oprah call her out on her hamburger cravings, I've totally taken to a new girl crush. I've never seen any of her movies, only the Dior ads, but she is so pretty and I like the leopard dress she is wearing! I am a sucker for leopard, I wear my H&M leopard wannabe Louis Vuitton scarf like everyday...that may be a little of my "trashy diva" Orange County side coming out! haha So, can't wait to see some of Marion's movies...she does have an Oscar for La Vie en Rose. Love her...xo, B

Mini Issue

Lately I've been wanting to wear my favorite F21 black spandex mini all the time! It goes perfectly with all my tights and boots and chunky "grandpa" cardis. But, now I definetly need to add to my collection, so after some internet browsing on La Garconne and Net-a-Porter, these are a few that have caught my attention. My fave right now being the See by Chloe sequin skirt pictured above, it would be so cute with one of my broken-in hoodies or dressed up with my black silk Rebecca Taylor tank. New item on my never ending shopping list, maybe Santa will be good to me (hint hint)...xo, B

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just doing a bit of internet browsing at and found this YSL key necklace...which didn't really catch my attention until I rolled over the image to find it photographed on the mannequin below when...WTF, ummm, this key appears to be of massive proportions! I couldn't control my laughter and had to call over my BFFL to confirm the obsurdity of this huge necklace. It reminds me of one of Flavor Flav's chains with the huge clocks on it. So funny, I wonder who would buy this, and what they will wear with it. xo, B

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shoe Fetish

My fave blog Sea of Shoes posted about these cartoons from the blog The Blake Wright which has some hilarious stuff. Thought these were awesome...xo, B

Saturday, November 14, 2009


As usual, I headed to Uniqlo for some retail therapy and found this cool array of belts. I'm really not a skinny belt person, but I could picture the pink leopard belt with a navy cardigan and denim trousers on someone long and lean or even the navy zebra belt would be fabulous with cream cardi. They're definitely fun to play with, in my next life I'll be long and lean...luvs it, B

Friday, November 13, 2009

Banana Lovin

Did a little lunch time shopping at the newly remodeled Soho Banana Republic. It's nice and clean but a little crowded and narrow now, the upstairs mens section is more spacious and conducive to shopping. My favorite part about BR is their jewelry...they always surprise me with their vintage and classic feeling styles. But, since the jewelry section is a bit crowded now and there wasn't a sales person free to help me, I ended up walking off with the display ring due to my impatience. This Soho Curb Ring is my new fave's a bit rugged with the chain detail, but vintage ladylike with the rhinestones. And with the whole Gap Give and Get 30% off coupon going ring came out to a nice price less than $20! Luvs it...B

Got this free tote with my purchase!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Distressed Obsessed

My coworker walked in with these yummy beat up cowboy boots...I'm totally obsessed! If only all boots could come with a distressed option, all would be better in my little world. I wouldn't walk along the steet trying to scuff my toes or scraping the sides of the boots as I walk up stairs or even invite friends to step on my feet...seriously, it's a whole routine each one of my boots goes through during their first year. Til then...don't make fun of me if you see out on the street dragging my feet around. xo, B


Are you serious? I've needed this for so tote for your wine? Daily Candy, wrote about this tote in their weekend cool! There are many times I go into Trader Joe's wine shop to pick up a bottle with cooper, and have to carry it home being extra careful it doesn't slip out of my hand...or, I ponder the thought of buying the Trader Joe's 6 bottle carrying tote, but that means me also buying 6 bottles of wine! Love the tote, this will make the top of my shopping list...luvs it, B

All Grown Up Now

Dakota Fanning is all grown up now and is looking like a young Heather Graham in this Teen Vogue shoot. I still remember her from the movie I am Sam...that was a good one, and she was so young! I hope she stays in Hollywood for a long time and grows up into an actual actress, not one of those Lindsay Lohan floozies. How funny is it that Emanuel Ungaro commented that the Ungaro collaboration with Lilo was a "disaster," and that the fashion house is "losing its soul." Those are some harsh words...anywho, good luck to Dakota, she looks absolutely gorg! xo, B

Seriously crushing on the MJ platform jellies!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Under the Sea

I finally got a chance to look through the pictures from Ahmed's scuba dive in Hawaii...and these were absolutely beautiful. So cool to see a whole new world under the sea that is so easily forgotten about in our hectic lives. Gorgeous...xo, B