Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I still haven't decided on the final details of my costume, but I'm going to dress up like Audrey Hepburn tonight. At least I'll be comfortable and chic...Happy Halloween! xo, B

Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh Coco

"I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny."

- Coco Chanel

Was surfing the internet for costume ideas, and stumbled upon this cool quote...this makes me never want to leave the house unkept again! xo, B

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Magical Madness

November Bazaar

Well this week has been a bit of a roller coaster...I swear, a vacation from a vacation is totally necessary. Getting back from Hawaii has been a bit depressing...being on the beach in paradise for a week, then coming back to the hard knock life of the's difficult. So, to make matters worse, this week at work has been crazy, and I worked til 11pm last night which sucked, and I was a hot mess this morning. I woke up from a crazy dream, late, and was in a mad rush to get ready. I scanned through my closet in madness pulling things down from fave Zara shirt, jeggings, old Marc jacket and my Frye boots from last season. I put them all on in a rush and as I was running out the door, I checked myself out in the mirror to find my outfit was pretty awesome. Maybe madness turns into magnificence, like when you don't try too hard you look even better. Anyways...can't wait for the week to be over! xo, B

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Striped Out I'm still not over my striped obsession, and found this cheap and chic striped dress on Old Navy. It is so much fun, would love to romp around in this on the beach as a cover up...or with tights, booties and a chunky sweater during the chilly months. Love love love, and for $15...wowza...definitely making a visit to Old Navy during lunch. xo, B

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Isn't She Lovely

Just an inspirational look for today...Marlene Dietrich was an old school entertainer known for her acting and singing....but it's her old school glamour that is so seductive and ladylike that I love. xo, B

Monday, October 26, 2009


Again, yes I'm a total dork and love the Rachel Zoe project. Well, I've been obsessed with crosses lately, and was crushing on Taylor Jacobson's petite and simple gold sideways cross she wears all the time on the show. Hers of course is a pricier version by Roseark that runs about $500 and up, but I started going on Etsy looking for cool ones like it and booyah...I found a really cool one similar to it by Theresa Mink! I ordered it before Hawaii, and it was such a pleasant treat waiting for me when I got back. And it only ended up being about $43 with shipping...sweet! xo, B

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Strike a Pose

I noticed a trend going on with all the Japanese tourists visiting Hawaii. They love to take pictures, but more so they love to pose for pictures. As I laid out on the beach for hours on end every day, I got to watch as all the different groups of Japanese tourists set up their poses for their photoshoots. I couldn't get great pics, especially as I tried to be stealth as I laid on my beach towel with my blackberry. I got this great shot of a couple of 40 something year old women taking pictures. This was just one of probably 30 or so pictures they took of one of the women, then they switched and took turns! was definitely amusing, but I had no idea the Japanese were so into modeling! xo, B

KCC Farmer's Market

Well, I basically ate my way through last Saturday's visit to the KCC's Farmers Market. It goes from 7:30am to 11:30am every Saturday...and the locals know that you can get there at 6:30am to claim your early pickings of fruit, flowers or food to purchase when the registers open an hour later. My grandpa used to be one of those early risers, but apparently their papayas are not what they used to be, he says! I started my morning with a hibiscus ice tea...absolutely perfection on the hot and sunny day. This place is great to try a bunch of stuff, and the flowers are beautiful and well priced! luvs...B

This place had really good plate lunches, and I love it when they put out a food menu so you can see what you can order!

I orderd the Kalua pork over rice, but forgot to take a pic of the real thing before I devoured it!

Ahmed ordered the seared Ahi Tuna was sooo good! I liked it better than my pork, plus I'm not a big pork eater, but figured I was in Hawaii and it's the place to eat it.

Bale potato foccaccia bread...this was a hit with my Grandma. It's easy to buy desserts for my Grandpa's sweet tooth, but my Granpma is a little pickier. Hmm, that must be where I get it from, wink wink.

Bale sweet potato turnover, this was yummy, I kept forgetting to take pics before I started eating...oops!

Beignets, they were good, it's the French version of fried dough and powdered sugar...more like a wannabe

Vegan poke salad, it didn't do the "fish" trick for me, but Ahmed liked it

Leonard's Malasadas

Malasadas...what can I say? You've been so good to me, I remember eating you as a small child, and driving to Leonard's to pick you up at night after dinner. Your hot crisp sugary outer texture was perfectly complemented by your inner doughy gooey-ness. The lady behind the counter would even recognize my brother when he would order them for us. Aww, and you still taste just as good even when I've grown up and can eat at least two of you now! You've even changed too, with your variety of fillings...chocolate, haupia (coconut), custard, & guava...and you even have li hing mui sprinkled on you. My how we've grown and changed...but I must say, I have a sweet spot for your original goodness. Some things never change...B

Starting top left to right, Chocolate filling, Haupia filling, Custard filling, Guava filling, bottom two are Original sugar malasadas. Malasadas are like a Portuguese doughnut, but better with a crispier outside.

Li Hing Mui Malasada

Von Zipper Sunnies

After being at the beach for a week, I ended up on a hunt for sick new sunglasses. I checked all the surf shops, and finally found these 80s inspired beauties at Billabong on Kalakaua. They are called Giggles by Von Zipper, and Ahmed decided to get them for me. them both! xo, B


Thanks to Kathy, I tried Yotteka-Ya was perfect after a day at the beach! I ordered my shoyu ramen extra spicy with kim-chi and chasu (slices of pork) on top, and Ahmed got the shoyu ramen with all veggies. It was all so delicious, I'm not a big pork eater, and I never usually eat the slices they put in my ramen, but this was seriously the best I've ever tasted. It wasn't too fatty, and it was tender and tasty! Yotteka-Ya also claims that their ramen will make you younger...I have yet to see that, but I will definitely go back, luvs it...B

Waiola Shave Ice

Absolute fave shave ice spot, Waiola Shave Ice, which has opened a second spot since I'd been back a year ago, and a third location to come! They are blowing cool, my lil' ol' local spot is becoming big Shave ice for those who don't know, is a like a snow cone, but completely better! The technique is in the smooth and thin ice shavings, and of course the syrups! I usually try to get my shave ice in every's the perfect treat for after the beach. luvs...B

Waiola shave ice made it on Obama's list of places to go in Oahu

This picture is pretty hilarious, notice the random kitty that decided to sit by my grandpa and me, she even patted my grandpa around before she found a comfortable spot.

Beach Day

Thought I'd throw in some chill pics from my beach days in Hawaii. The pic above has my new hat I got to design at the Volcom cool, the front has a picture of a parrot that says "Volcom to Paradise," and there is a baby Volcom sign on the top of the hat too. The first few pics are from the local (less crowded) beach by my grandparents house. And the second set are from Waikiki beach by our hotel. There's a total difference in vibes between the beaches, but nothing compares to being surrounded by nature. xo, B

Blissed out

Waikiki beach...notice the influx in people...

Where's B?

The view looking up from my beach towel

Thought this guy was 80s...haven't seen one of these metal detector gadgets in so long!

A little WESTSIDE for you all

Awww, perfect way to end the day...drinks at our hotel bar to watch the sunset

Hawaiian Style

Continuing on from my ride from the airport, our second stop was Costco! It's not just any Costco, it's Costco done Hawaiian style. They have a ton of local foods you can't find at any other location on the mainland, like fresh sashimi "poke" salad, sushi, Hawaiian sweet bread and the list goes on! I have to admit we stopped by Costco four times during our trip! Picked up stuff to bring back, and kept buying poke salad, and they had local surf brand t-shirts for my boyfriend and bro for only $9.99...sweetness! Thought I'd share a few pics...xo, B

Can never have enough spam!

Manapua, which I grew up calling these pork buns until I moved to NY and went to dim sum which they are known as cha siu bao.

The trip to Costco wouldn't be complete without having a slice of pizza and a chickenbake!

Grandpa and me