Friday, January 21, 2011

The Pan American

Lunch with my work peeps at the newly opened restaurant, The Pan American. American food with a spanish flair...but I was more excited for the option of drinks at happy hour prices during the day! Our waitress even let us taste the frozen mojito and frozen lemon drop...the frozen mojito was good with a nice taste of mint, but there was no way I was ordering a frozen drink in 20 degree weather! I have already returned to this spot for guac and drinks...yum! So for lunch, I had the churrasco steak sandwich...I give a 5 out of 10...the steak was good but the bread was so thick and hard it threw off the overall sandwich. Nice new spot, with good basics for a group of peeps to agree on. I'll be back...xo, B

My not so amazing sandwhich...but I took the steak and smothered it with guac...which was brillz on my part! lol

Groovy Sunnies

Just spotted these groovy massive sunnies by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony on shopbop. Love them...just a bit concerned with my already round shaped face, that these will look a bit too round. For the hefty price of $390, they definitely have to be tried on before purchasing. They remind of Kate Hudson's character in the movie Almost Famous...such a goodie! Loves...xo, B

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Coops!

It's my boo boo's 4th birthday! Cooper had a fun filled day coming to work with me, and getting cupcakes from the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. I actually didn't have one, since I'm getting over this cold, I can't really taste anything. But, I heard they were so no promotion here. Anyways...Happy Birthday Cooper! Now it's off to cook him his steak dinner. xo, B

Yes, I'm still searching

For those of you that were reading a year ago...I posted about my Grandma's cool shoes from back in the day. Well, I'm still hunting for ones like them, and this time I think I got them right! Shopbop has these sick K. Jacques cork sandals with a great city-walkable wedge and chic tan leather straps...the only downside is the price. I'll probably splurge in summer for these because I def think these are worth it, not saying that it won't hurt a bit to do so, but it's all in the name of Spring chic. Dreaming of warm weather...xo, B

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crushing on Nicole Richie's Ish

This image of Nicole Richie's Chanel bag, pink sunnies and Alexander McQueen scarf stuck with me...I just love everything about it. The pic is from her Lucky mag shoot...she's the cutest celeb mommy for sure. And randomly, I had been crushing on this MJ Julie bag (pictured below), which closely resembles the lovely Chanel. They're both classic, if only you could order a "pre-loved" option on the bag, so the leather comes pre-squishy and yummy. Random thoughts...xo, B

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yummy New Bedding

Bedding has been on my mind for a while now, I would scour the different sites looking for something that would entice me. It was time to redo my tired old bed, especially because as you can see from the pic above of Cooper digging in it, my bed gets a lot of wear and tear! I decided on the Home Kissing Pleat Duvet Set in Cafe Latte from Target, along with these awesome silver pillow cases from West Elm (love the satiny texture), and another Target purchse, the Dwell Studio damask pillow. The damsk pillow was actually one I had on my couch, and I was looking for a furry pillow to add to my bed, but realized how perfect the damask bed is complete. Love the different textures...and love how the colors tie into to the silver damask decals I have on my wall. So funny to think how much thought goes into obsessing over bedding, lol...xo, B

New Year, New Look

Happy belated New Year!! So I've totally moved on from making New Years resolutions...but trying to just keep on point in general with the goals I set for myself in life. And beauty has been something I've been dabbling in a bit more, like many of us, sometimes we crave a new look, new vibe, new you. So it all sort of started with the most horrific hair cut last month, dare I say it... I went to a random Aveda salon in midtown. I know, wtf was I thinking going on a whim to a hairstylist other than my girl Jenny at Mudhoney on Thompson. Well...just like I said, I was craving a new 'do, and boy did I get it. My hair got hacked off in a straight line, no pieces cut for texutre, and mind you I have really curly fine hair that has a tendency to frizz. So, of course Jenny saved the day and fixed me up a few days later...but the damage was already done. I had short curly hair that dried to fro-y mess above my shoulders! for the past month, I've gotten to know my blow dryer and flat iron very well again...we're old friends from my college days, so it's not like I was clueless...just out of pratice. But along with my tools, came tons of more products...anyways long story short...I straighten my hair the majority of the time, and funny thing is, is that it makes me feel like a different person. Like I'm fooling the world with my little secret. lol Ok a little too dramatic.

So, with my new hair, I got inspired to freshen up my makeup. And, here I am with my inspirational pics taken from December Allure. (yes, kinda old now...but I've obvi been a bit behind with my blog game). The pic above is a shot for the eyeshadow, unfortunately my scanner doesn't really work, and my BB pic must suffice. I'm obsessed with the lining of the eyes, and using the metallic shadow above and below the eye.

I love Carey Mulligan, her haircut is super cute, and love the dramatic black eyeliner!

Second, inspiration is the bright color lipsticks. I'm now in search of an awesome coral color!

This is me in Sephora after I attacked all the lipsticks in search of the perf color. I didn't commit yet...still need to check out MAC.
Well I'm glad I got my blog on again...til next time!
xo, B