Friday, April 30, 2010

DIY - Uniqlo Denim Vest

So after looking around for a reasonably priced denim vest, I finally decided to make my own. On one of my random lunchtime outings at Uniqlo, I found this $20 jacket in the sale section which was perfect for my experiment. I couldn't wait to get my scissors on it, and once it was done I was pleasently suprised. It's the perfect layering piece for this undecisive in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Over a hoodie on the chilly days, and over a dress during the summer. Loves it! xo, B

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Surprise - Satya Necklace

Aww...I love my coworkers! I was surprised today with this amazing bday present, a Satya necklace with a Lotus flower (meaning "infinite potential") and a tree of life (symbolizing "the union of heaven and earth"). This is one of my fave jewelry companys since it has such pretty and delicate pieces with great meanings. Loves...and the funny thing about this gift, is that I like to give these necklaces as gifts to others, but never ended up getting one for myself. And low and behold, my BFFL listens to my endless babbles, and remembered how much I wanted one. Thanks y'all! xo, B

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Topshop Gladiator Sandals

My birthday shopping continues with these Topshop gladiator sandals. Love the unique convered toe and nude color. Definitely one that will be in regular rotation. xo, B

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Spotted in said. xo, B

Friday, April 16, 2010

No 6 vs Swedish Hasbeens

Okay...I received the Swedish Hasbeens clogs in black (the ones below), and they are so narrow, it felt like my feet were going to go numb from walking around in them for like 5 minutes! And to top it off, the leather is so stiff, it barely gives at all. So, they are going back to Endless, one of the most convenient websites, and I went immediately to the No 6 store to order my custom clogs. my impatient ass will have to wait 3 weeks for these bad boys, but that's the price I have to pay for my wide feet! lol

I also have to say, that after visiting the store, there are so many options and colors you can do for the clogs, who wouldn't want to get them there. The leathers are way more buttery and soft too, they will definitely be able to break in to be one of my fave shoes. I'm already eyeing the booties for Fall, these will be my test run. Can't wait! xo, B

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Guess who scored these gorg Louis Vuitton Zesty heels!? Yup...I know, don't be jealous! lol I've only been sporting these bad boys in the office for right now...but they deserve their debut soon. They are them! xo, B

Maya Brenner Necklace

So of course, true to form, I've been shopping all month long in celebration of my upcoming birthday...and when Hautelook had a sale on Maya Brenner's initial necklaces, I jumped at the chance! Unfortunately the B necklace was sold I resorted to an R...not my fave initial, but it works. It's so simple and delicate, I love to wear it everyday, and it's easy to layer. xo, B

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mink Pink

Totally digging this Mink Pink top from Nasty Gal! And I have to say I love the lipstick on this model playful and cute. I'm debating on buying it, only because Nasty Gal charges shipping, they need to get on the Shopbop band wagon, and start doing free shipping and returns. But, I would def wear this entire outfit on my Saturday walking Coops in the park. Luvs it...xo, B

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home Depot...Again

9pm on a Monday night: Home depot, in their lumber aisle, picking out some new shelves. Honestly, this stuff looks so boring and bare, but Ahmed is amazing at turning these wood planks into amazing shelves...but also anything you could imagine. Some people just have that gift...and I'm not one of them! But thank goodness the BF is...I'm already dreaming up a picnic table for him to build in my "dream" xo, B

Spitzer's Corner - Chilled Out Monday

Started out my week, with a chilled out lunch at Spitzer's Corner. Love that place, with all the beer you could possibly want, and great muchies. My coworker had the above pictured Ham & Cheese sandwich...doesn't it look heavenly? I was totally crushing on his lunch, and I ordered the sliders...which were tasty. Just love that place, the restaurant is always laid back during the day, perfect place to chill out on a Monday. xo, B

Sliders - with cheddar and cute!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hoarder - Buried Alive

Isn't it fitting that after I watched my first episode of the tv show Hoarders - Buried Alive, that I decided to redo my closet, and pull everything out into my apartment. It was quite disturbing to not be able to see the floors as they were covered in my fave designer duds. While Ahmed was building shelves and putting up another hanging rod in my closet, I started sorting through all my stuff. There's nothing more depressing than realizing how much money and time was spent buying all these things...well, on the upside, Goodwill will be getting some good finds in the next couple days. I have four garbage bags filled and counting, of clothes, shoes and bags to give away. This is Spring cleaning at it's best! xo, B
Umm...this is only half my shoe collection



Swedish Hasbeen Clogs I did it...I bought these black Swedish Hasbeens clogs from I wanted to do the No 6 clogs, but couldn't wait the three weeks for the custom order! Endless is really convenient, and I should have my new clogs by Wednesday...and it's free shipping and returns if they don't fit. Yay for me...xo, B

Coclico Nymph

I've been on shopbop way too much lately, and of course as I'm redoing my closet this weekend, and assessing the loads of things I have...I found another pair of shoes that I want to add to the mix. This Coclico Nymph wedge is the perfect neutral color and heel height...but the price tag is a bit pricey to just click and the dating begins. I love that it's such a basic, yet has an intricate heel design with cool cutouts on each is my birthday month. (wink wink) xo, B

Friday, April 9, 2010

First Lady of Fabulous

Passed by one of the store fronts in Soho to find this hilariously crazy shopping bag with a caricature of Michelle Obama. The writing underneath her reads "First Lady of Fabulous," I thought this was funny...I would love to see who would buy this bag. lol...xo, B

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Uniqlo Sunday Hat

Lunchtime shopping at Uniqlo...and found a great Sunday Funday hat, perfect for reading in Central Park. Love how the pic is taken in my darkly lit office! haha xo, B

Grey Ant Sunnies

I've been lusting after these Grey Ant sunnies for a while now (I love the black ones a little more)...they are a larger more fabulous version of the original Ray Ban wayfarers. But, the price tag is around $250, which is way too much to pay for sunglasses, that will most likely get scratched in my bottomless pit of a bag. After perusing Forever 21's site this morning, I did find a nice wannabe pair for only $5...way easier to swallow at that price! In my cart, we're still dating...but great find! xo, B

Tina Fey on Oprah

Vogue photo by Mario Testino

Tina Fey was on Oprah yesterday, and she was ridiculously funny! I suggest you find the interview die! During the interview, Tina Fey was able to ask Oprah some questions, and this is what Tina Fey asked:

"If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, in the history of the world, what would you order?"
Oprah answered, she'd have Jesus over for fried chicken. lols xo, B

Totally Necessary - F21 Sailor Dress

Calling all petite little prepsters...this Forever 21 Sailor Dress is a total necessity in your Spring closet! I saw it yesterday in the store and kept sizing it up on myself, but it came to just below my butt...and that will not do! It's the perfect little flirty dress for summer, but bare legs are a must with cute little sandals. Buy buy away...xo, B

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sale Time - Shopbop

So not sure if you noticed a theme, but everything I got today from Shopbop's sale were basic tees and a dress, except the one dress above by Parker. Just when I was thinking of refreshing my Spring wardrobe, Shopbop's email came calling to me this morning...70% off! There's definitely something to be said about a yummy thin and comfortable t-shirt...I live in them, and you have to rationalize...if you're going to wear it over and over again, the hefty price tag is totally worth it when you think of the price/wear. (wink wink) Can't wait to get this stuff...and shopbop has free shipping...and I'll have it by Friday! woohoo...xo, B

Tissue thin tee by Wilt, I love the way it hangs and the open collar.

T by Alexander Wang, Boat Neck Dress

Hero Crane, O Neck Tee

T by Alexander Wang, Cowl Boatneck Tee

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I found myself rummaging through my closet this morning to find anything that looked like a spring outfit for today's beautiful 70 degree weather. And all I could find was this navy plaid sundress, that bared my pasty white shoulders which made me feel uncomfortably irritable the entire day. I've been so covered and layered this past winter, it was hard to deal with my new "Spring" self. say the least, I feel the need to purchase new Spring attire. And first on my list are clogs...the ones above are the No 6 "Old School" clogs, which has a store right around my office, that I attempted to visit on Friday. However, I got a bit lost...and didn't find my way there to preorder first on my list for Monday is to visit the store. The rest of the stuff is on my need (wish) list...and they are all basic and earth tones. I want my look this season to be relaxed yet put together...or laid back structured boho. Lets see how I put that together! lol...xo, B
I'm looking for a military/utility jacket in a dark army green, perfect to layer over all the light spring dresses this season. This one is by Juicy...totally digging the patches on the shoulders.
Of course the Lanvin ballet flats made it on my "need" list, but will be more likely on my "dream" list...but they are freaking awesome!

Stella McCartney jacket, love the light linen weight of this jacket, it will drape nicely.