Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love the Tavsters

Forgot where I saw this sick video of Tavi (the cutest lil blogger ever) styling a Blackbook shoot with none other then Christine Staub (the daughter of RHONJ Danielle...cray cray, I know!). But the music is cool, and I love that Tavi is all into this and not too fashiony....you know what I mean. xo, B

Cargo Pants are Serious Biz

So Barneys is featuring this video on their site with the Coop Fashion Director Tomoko Ogura. She is explaining how to style outfits around the popular cargo pant...I just couldn't stop laughing by the serious tone Tomoko was vibing throughout the entire video. This is fashion, not a financial report...lol...but, some of the looks were cool. Just sayin...xo, B

Gyu-Kaku...BBQ Heaven

Seriously delicious dinner with my fave peeps at Gyu-kaku in Cooper Square over the weekend. We did it up with the food, and had fun bbq-ing all the meats and veggies. And, we even witnessed a couple that got engaged...random fun. xo, B


Skirt Steak



Bi Bim Bop

Garlic Noodles


Cooking the chocolate...key in the perfect S'more.

Finished product!

Dorayaki Ice Cream with sweet beans

Friday, August 27, 2010


TGIF...It's been a busy week and of course retail therapy is in order. lol, when is it not!? Well, just doing a little teeny bopper shopping at Delia*s today, and found this sick Army Sweatshirt Jacket, so cool and anything similar to a sweatshirt has to be comfortable. I've put my order in, but unfortunately it's not shipping until October, boo. I love that it has clean lines, and will look great with a thin baggy tee, like my Wilt one I got from shopbop on sale. Yay...xo, B

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Had a Mediterranean moment last night at Balaboosta with Ris...it's a newly opened restaurant on Mulberry St in Nolita. And I have to say....it was radical. I had read that their small plates were noteworthy, so we decided to split a few and ordered the skirt steak as our entree. We started off with the most amazing falafals with meatballs inside which is pictured above...delish! Every dish that came, was to die...and the only downfall was the waitress' quick hands in trying to clear the plates without us eating up every morsel! lol I had to be stern with her at one point, but oh well, it's all in the joy of food. Definitely check this goodie out...xo, B

Complimentary chips...they tasted like shrimp chips you can buy at an Asian food market.

Fried olives...wha wha?! With a creamy feta dip...Yummers!

Skirt Steak with grilled yams and cabbage cole slaw. The meat was amazeballs!

Really bad pic...lol...looks suspicious. This was the Cardamom & Espresso Brownie.

Specials board...the Red Snapper sounded delightful too...next time.

Let Me See That Tootsie Roll...

Random shenanigans...as I was watching Rachel Zoe last night, I was interrupted by this commercial for undies that offer a more voluptuous derriere! I had to rewind this a few times because I was laughing so hard. Hilarious...and they don't come cheap! lol...xo, B

Saturday, August 21, 2010

So Proud

Fan pic of the day, lol...Got this picture text this afternoon from my BFFL out to brunch with one of Moda Suki's biggest fans! Loves it...Em ended up buying the No. 6 clogs I have and love...and now she's rocking them out in the city, sniff sniff...so proud! xo, B

Window Shopping

After a long Friday at work, I went out for happy hour and dinner with Ris, to find myself walking home alone and stopping in shock at the sight of sick boots at Ann Taylor LOFT...wtf? I know I know...these are pretty bad ass and LOFT is so, how shall I put this...old ladyish? lol Good thing it was 10pm and the store was closed...because wine and shopping equals no self control with me. But, I will be visiting these lil guys soon. xo, B

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Inspirational Pic

Loving this Olsen Anonymous post of Ashley Olsen...the fur coat (hoping it's faux), the long scarf wrapped around her head to the long tattered white tee with baggy pants. So understated and thrown together in such a chic and fashionable way! Loves...xo, B

Torrisi for Lunch

I was ravenous after my hectic noon time cyber shopping...so my work BFFLs and I decided to try a semi new Italian specialty shop over over on Mulberry St called Torrisi...not to be confused with Parisi, our OG fave Italian sandwich shop. The spot was busy, and we waited in line a good 5 min, and then waited for our sandwiches another 15 mins...but it was all worth it. I split an Italian combo on a hero, and a house roasted turkey on a hero with Ris so we could try half of each. The meat was seasoned and fresh to perfection...with a spicy sauce along with lettuce, tomatoes and onions...both were bomb diggity. It's definitely a worthy spot for the wait...and I've already picked out the chicken cutlet as my next sandwich to try. My belly is full and it's time for a nap...TGIF! xo, B

Italian Combo on a hero, $10

Oven Roasted Turkey on a hero, $10

Perfect lunch in the park to kick off the weekend!

Tucker for Target

Yes, I was part of the madness that was Tucker for Target at Gilt. I had already come up with a game plan yesterday morning with my BFFL on how to attack Gilt at noon on the dot, and which styles and colors I wanted in order of priority. I had made a cheat sheet of the styles (which is pictured at bottom), and printed them out in color for him to reference. It started out crazy, the site was bonkers, and nothing was being added to my cart...but I ended up coming out with a good variety, my fave is the butterfly printed tie waist dress ($34.99). Oh well...I still have September 12 to look forward to when they hit the Target stores! lol Can't wait for these purchases to arrive...and thanks G for your help! xo, B

Semi sheet printed tank, $22.99

This was my random add-on after I completed my first purchase...when I looked up close at the fabric, it was a cool African-like print...Velvet burnout halter dress, $44.99

Always been a fan of the OG Tucker blouses, so simple with great prints. Printed crepe signature blouse, $29.99

The cheat sheet I created for BFFL...don't judge, this was serious biz.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lunch at Liebe

My work crew decided on trying Liebe, a new "gourmet Indian fusion" spot that opened up in that old yakitori space next to Pinche on Mott St. I ordered the potato filled liebe roll, which is essentially like a khati roll. I wasn't thrilled with it, the seasoning on the potatoes seemed to just be a lot of salt and pepper...but it was good when I smothered a ton of the cilantro dipping sauce they provided. I probably wouldn't go back for the roll...but the channa (chickpea) salad was bomb. It had a nice kick to it with a ton of onions and cilantro...and for only $3, it's not bad for a light lunch. My coworkers tried the chicken roll, which looked way better...so next time I might have to try that out. Just keeping you in the know...xo, B

Rad BCBG Barcelets...Duh

Ok...so I'm such a follower on this one, these little bracelets by BCBG have been reblogged a few times over now, but I found them on one of my fave suburban mommy blogs. Unfortunately, Duh and Rad are regular offenders in my vocabulary, and that's why these little diddies are a must have for me and one special bestie I have in mind...you know who you are, lol. xo, B

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Uniqlo Therapy

I went through my daily run through at Uniqlo today...and they refreshed the store with some great Fall finds. Lots of yummy cashmere knits and jackets with a plethora of jeggings in different fabrics, colors and prints. I didn't get any of those, however I ended up walking out with a crinkle chiffon ruffle-tiered-leopard-print-long-sleeve-top, and a long sleeve striped tee with ruching at the wrists and waist. Loving my purchases...xo, B

Sorry for the bad pics...but there are two tiers of horizontal ruffles down the front chest.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Moda Suki!

Happy birthday to Moda Suki, happy birthday to Moda Suki...it's been a year since I started blogging...and boy have I had fun documenting my shopping and eating and fun times! It's definitely a weird concept to be discussing everything going on in your life...a little self absorbed...but I'm glad I've inspired some peeps, even though they may be my besties! lol These pics are from a little bbq I forced my brother into hosting...thanks JW! And the pic above is of the amazing red velvet cake from Costco. Everyone was surprised by how good it was, the cake was totally moist and perfect. Good times, even though we sat in the rain for most of the bbq...totally worth it. xo, B

The view below from the rooftop bbq...thought the street being all tagged up was kind of cool.

Coconut M&Ms for Breakfast

Found these bad boys at the deli across the street and...ummm coconut M&Ms? Not a flavor I would want again...but it was fun to try! If you like coconut go for it...xo, B

Los Hermanos - Tortilla Factory

Saturday night Ahmed and I took a little field trip out to Bushwick to enjoy some of the best tacos in NYC at Los Hermanos tortilla factory. It's mainly the fresh hot tortillas that make the taco...but the spicy pork is ever so tasty as well. The trip was totally worth it, but somehow this lil spot has been discovered since my last trip out there last summer! It's been taken over by hipsters...long stringy hair, skinny jeans with questionable sexuality...when upon my last visit, it was majority Mexicans that only spoke Spanish. Aww...kind of sad when your secret spot gets discovered. I had spicy pork quesadillas and then chorizo taquitos pictured below...yummers! Will definitely be making another trip back there soon! I just have to work off these tacos first. xo, B

Friday, August 13, 2010

Falling for Isabel

So I'm looking for Fall inspiration, and going back through some of style.com's pics, and Isabel Marant's Fall 2010 collection is a show stopper! All the neutrals and sequins and stipes oh my! The pieces can stand alone and be magnificent, but are uberchic layered up with offsetting textures. Ummm...I think I want sequin leggings! lol Fall can't come fast enough...xo, B