Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Monkeys Eyewear

Just discovered this rad Italian sunglass store that just opened in Soho called Three Monkeys. As you may know, I'm still a California girl at heart that still loves all the surf brands...even though they may be more focused on the tween market here on the East Coast. But, when I found this sunglass store that actually carried brands like Von Zipper and heart skipped a beat. Especially for the men out there, Ahmed in particular, I hate getting him bougie brands that look feminine that cost like $400 with a huge billboard of a logo plastered on the side. Totes not my steez...

Anyways, this new spot is the first to hit the states, they have a few locations already in South America. The sunglasses are reasonably priced between $50 to $150 from what I saw...and their schtick is the custest monkey...they're kid-robot-like monkeys lining the walls that wear the sunglasses! See the pics below...and you get your own monkey to take home...Genius! My monkey went straight up on my bookshelf at home for display.

These are the sunnies I got by Sabre, a brand that originally started as a blog in Australia but moved to my hometown of Newport Beach to start their biz.

These were the other sunnies I was dating, but my closet has too many studding details lately.

Some of the cute monkeys...loves!

Me! Feeling kinda lame taking a pic of myself indoors for all y'all...but I do it for you!
xo, B

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