Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mitsuwa Time

Mini roadtrip to Edgewater, NJ to visit Mitsuwa, the Japanese grocery store/food court. It was packed...and I mean, we circled the parking lot for like half an hour scouring for a parking spot. But, it was all worth the wait. As per my bro's girlfriend, we immediately got in line at the Ramen station which was a 45 min for your food! So an expert as she is at this...she instructed us to now grocery shop as our food was prepared. Which we did...and I ended up with a boat load of groceries...all types of Japanese munchies which I neglected to photograph...boo. After we got our Ramen we then had to search for a table to eat at which I hustled for...stalking an innocent family as they finished up their meal. We also got more food at another food vendor, this time more comfort food types with Egg Rice, a hamburger patty and chilli sauce, and seafood in chilli sauce...all good, and amazeballs on a cold winter day. I had to be rolled out of there I was so full...the food and journey out to Jersey was definitely a fun weekend outing. Til next time, xo, B
Egg Rice and Sausage

Seafood with chilli sauce and rice

Hamburge with chilli sauce and rice...totally reminded me of my grandma's meatloaf.

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