Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's About to Go Down...

If you look close enough, you can see my hubby and lulu walking across Times Square

Ok ok ok...It's going on almost two years since my last post!  I know it's probably like, whoa, why come back now?  Well, it's bitter sweet, but it has come time for me to leave this concrete jungle that I have called home for the past decade.  Obviously change is constant, but my life has pretty much given me whip lash with all that has happened in two years.  

I've loved every New York minute, and I truly believe that it has kept me and everyone here feeling young.  With the continuous evolution of all the restaurants, bars and shopping, the only way to keep up with the city is to accept and transform with it.  Kill or be killed.  When I moved here back in 2003(!) I was a baby fresh out of college trying to find my way into the fashion industry.  It was so glitter and glam looking in from the outside, but hindsight is 20/20.  I've learned to deal with the colorful people that are the fashion industry while getting put in check quite a few times.  But, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Ok, enough of these played out metaphors.  Yeah, I had to learn to shove my way onto the packed subways, while making no eye contact with the person standing so close that I can smell their breath.  Learning to be loud and assertive ordering a deli sandwich at the bodega, because believe me, the guy behind the counter won't wait for you to make up your mind or ask questions.  So yeah, after a decade of living here, New York has engrained amplified social and professional skills in me that make living outside of NYC seem easy breezy.

So what all has changed...?  I found out I was pregnant, pretty much right after my last Moda Suki post.  My then boyfriend of almost 7 years proposed and we got married, and the perfect curly haired baby girl came the Summer of 2012.  So, right now, I am trying to pack up my life for our upcoming move to California, the OC!  It's officially T minus 22 days and I'm putting together my bucket list for all that I want to eat, see and buy, all while planning my lil' lulu's 1st birthday.  And what better way to share it all than to blog it like the good ol' days.  

My bffl and lil' fashionista

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