Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Like Butta

I got down and dirty with my Netflix instant queue this weekend, watching a bunch of indies...and my fave of the weekend being this documentary, Just for's all about the revolution of sneakers. It was pretty cool, and it interviewed people like DMC and random DJs and kids that are obsessed with the sneaker hunt. And randomly, after watching this movie, I saw that Racked posted about the new Nike air force ones Hamptons edition that came out this past weekend. I've always admired the "game" but never got that into it to know about the latest editions...but I love all things fashion, and this was really an interesting find. My fave part in the documentary was when a hip hop guy was explaining how matching your sneakers to your shirt to hat was "just like butta." Love it...because I can totally relate! (well actually I hate to be matchy-matchy...but just sayin') xo, B

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