Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fly like a G6

To read this post properly, you should listen to the song "Like a G6" from my previous post and scroll through the these pic. I took a bunch of pics on my blackberry that are worthy of fave is this first one of little Coops riding E.T. style on our flight home to NYC. The sweetest flight attendant let us have him on the seat, but gave us a blanket to hide him just in case her boss walked by. He acted like he was totally in on his secret mission!
Of course, I couldn't go to California without hitting up In-N-Out...Cheeseburger animal style.

San Souci Beach in Hawaii

Matsumoto Shave Ice...totes not as good as Waiola, but presentation is pretty! lol

My fave day in Hawaii

My neon orange volcom hat is a necessity...obvi

Funniest thing...this dog was just roaming the beach visiting the different people...and as soon as I opened up my sandwich he darted straight for me and took a seat. I saved a piece of chicken from my sandwich which I gave to him at the end, and as soon as he took the bite he bounced. LOL...he totally worked me! ha trip is never complete without eating one at my grandparents house. And, according to my Grandma, you're supposed to eat the edges of the papaya first because it's the sweetest part.

My Costco trip in Hawaii, local beer, kimchi, Hurricane popcorn, mochi & seaweed salad.


View from the top of the dormant volcano, Diamond Head.

Tofu Mousse...wha? I was amazed it was all whipped and tasted like cream cheese...until I read the ingredients and there is cream cheese in it! boo

The real deal...Waiola Shave Ice

Another San Souci beach sunset.

Preparty Hawaiian style

Back in Cali, Cooper running through the grass...which normally you wouldn't think is a big deal...but he's a city he's not used to it! haha

Ahmed kickin it with my 18 year old childhood dog Sammy by my mom's house.
Aloha, B

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