Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hit up the Tacombi VW Bus at Fonda Nolita tonight for an after dinner taco. I had walked by this new spot the other morning, which as of last week was only serving coffee and breakfast tacos. One of these days I do want to make it for breakfast, because the tacos were delish. I split the chicken and steak tacos with my brother, and Ahmed had the fish which were served out of the VW Bus...they were well seasoned, the tortilla a little soggy (seemed like it had been out too long, but it was midnight and they're I couldn't judge too much). And to top it off, they had a home made hot sauce that had enough kick to surprise my bro and me...which is a semi big deal, lol. My bro started speaking to one of the guys working there, who is from a town close to where my fam is in Mexico...and he was saying that they will be brewing four types of beer soon...once they get their liquor license of course.

The best part about this place is it's chill environment...reminds me of the Mexi places in Cali...metal tables and chairs set up in an open space on Elizabeth St. Once they have beer, this will def be a spot to hang out at. Great new find...xo, B

Just thought this was cute!

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