Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Secret Santa Gift

Last night was an awesome outting with my coworkers! And I had the best secret santa gift you can see I got the fab sequin LeSportsac cosmetic bag, a starbucks gift card (bc who doesn't need their caffeine fix!) and jars!! G knows me so well, a few peeps asked me why the the jars, but seriously, they're brilliant. I def have to get creative in my tiny NYC apt, and since everything is out in the open for all to see when they come over, I want it all displayed in the prettiest way. What I put in jars:
Red vines
Ground flaxseed
Chopsticks and utensils
Jewelry and watches
Tea Bags (although I heard it's bad for the tea bags not to be able to "breathe")
the list just goes on...

Obsessed! And a side note, if you can see in the background of the pic, there are flowers in jars! ha Thanks BFFL...xo, B

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  1. Ah you got the cosmetics bag! Wonderful...