Friday, January 21, 2011

The Pan American

Lunch with my work peeps at the newly opened restaurant, The Pan American. American food with a spanish flair...but I was more excited for the option of drinks at happy hour prices during the day! Our waitress even let us taste the frozen mojito and frozen lemon drop...the frozen mojito was good with a nice taste of mint, but there was no way I was ordering a frozen drink in 20 degree weather! I have already returned to this spot for guac and drinks...yum! So for lunch, I had the churrasco steak sandwich...I give a 5 out of 10...the steak was good but the bread was so thick and hard it threw off the overall sandwich. Nice new spot, with good basics for a group of peeps to agree on. I'll be back...xo, B

My not so amazing sandwhich...but I took the steak and smothered it with guac...which was brillz on my part! lol

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