Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy Hoodie from VS

K don't be jealous, I just got the yummiest broken in hoodie from Victoria's Secret Pink store in Soho. Yeah, it's a bit cheeseball in there...and I did feel like I took a step back to 8th grade again...but I love love love their sweats! And of course I'm a sucker for skulls and hoodies...again that's a bit of my OC. They also had super cute bedazzled Yankee and Mets gear...if I were a fan, I would have jumped all over the shiz. Now it just has to cool down for me to be able to sport my new addition...xo, B

So it says "Live Pink" on the upper back part of the hoodie...but thankfully the hood will cover that corny part. lol

Yummy soft inside!

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