Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the Rooftop - Whiskey & Wedges

My work peeps and I headed out last night to the Time Out magazine On the Rooftop event at the Hotel on Rivington. We had gone last summer for the Showtime Rooftop event which was bananas, and were psyched to go to this summer's first of four installments. The view was incredible, and the tickets were about $28 each hosted by Stella and Bushmills with a portion of the money going towards the Food Bank of NYC. So of course I had to go for some whiskey and ginger ale and enjoy the penthouse. Def a fun night out, can't wait for the next one. xo, B

Sick views from the roof.

Peeps chillin.

Whiskey and ginger ale.

Can you imagine, this was halfway through the evening, when it started to pour! But luckily me and the peeps got a little nook under the narrow roof covering, while I peeped this secret shot. The cute couple was sharing a moment under the umbrella, until the thunderstorms got so bad we had to go!

Huddling up at the end of the night.

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