Sunday, August 16, 2009

Preppy Punk Rock

My newest obsession has been collecting bits and pieces to add to my fall wardrobe. But, since the sweltering heat in NYC is holding me back from wearing anything, all my purchases have succumbed to a life under my desk at work. Most of my shopping takes place during my lunch breaks with my bffl (best friend for life). We roam the streets of Soho, looking for something fabulous and unique. But, since I do live in NYC, my budget is not as big as I’d like. I stretch my ends between designer duds to everyday classics at Uniqlo, and trendy seasonal pieces from Zara and Forever21.

After pouring through all the magazines, blogs and boutiques, I’ve come to terms with my Fall style, “preppy punk rock.” And these are just some of my lusts for the season…

*Over-the-Knee (OTK) boots

*Anything studded

*Oversized yummy boyfriend cardis

*Striped tees

*Jean Leggings

*Army boots

OTK platform by Louboutin

Marc Jacobs Fall 09 Wrath Bag

Uniqlo Merino Cardi

Striped Splendid Deckside Tee

Look from Madewell with the most awesome jean leggings…they're thick and squeeze you in perfectly (shout-out to Sandy for telling me about these beauties)

Ann Demeulemeester's perfect army boot...classic with a little hardcore in them to mix it up.

***First post down...but...blogger is buggin out. I can't deal anymore with the formatting, so you will have to. There will be more where this came from...xo, B.

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