Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Education

Just finished off a great weekend with a great movie! I watched An Education, a story set in suburban London in the 1960s about a young school girl who falls in love with an older man and all the temptations and indulgences that come along with him. Carey Mulligan plays the smitten school girl set to study at Oxford with a love for the arts...she portrayed the innocence and vibrancy so well, not to mentioned her beauty is memorizing. I haven't seen such great acting and a well written storyline in a while, this movie is now one of my favorites. And, according to my friend Melissa, this is Michelle Obama's fave movie of the year...and I completely agree! I'm in love with Dominic Cooper, and obvi the lead male/love interest Peter Sarsgaard. This movie is incredible, from the acting to the wardrobe...each actor was perfect in all the details of these characters. GO WATCH! xo, B

The 60s clothing was an added treat...I loved all the black eye liner and eyelashes...tres chic!

The hotties of An Education...Dominic Cooper is my new favorite!

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