Sunday, January 3, 2010

One More Time

I decided to go discount shopping one last time...Loehmanns wasn't so much fun, but I did find this fun Donna Karen fur and laser cut leather concoction for my mom to try on. Of course she had to pose like she was a bear on attack...but it was an awesome coat...if not for the $1,400 price tag, originally priced at $4,000! It reminds me of something Kate Moss wore a few years back. But, I did pick up a couple tops from Nordstrom Rack, that were kind of cool and totally different from each other. The pink Rebel Yell terry cloth top will be great with cutoffs and LV espadrilles in the summer...and the Lauren by Ralph Lauren top is so cute and preppy, it'll be great now in the winter with my new brown suede boots! I'll miss the selection at the discount stores when I go back to NYC. The stores in California are like an untapped resource for my NYC style...the OC girls are dressing for a different world. I love them both...but NYC is where my heart is. xo, B

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