Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eats pt 2

New Years day always consists of my mom slaving over the kitchen to make our traditional Japanese New Years meal. I wasn't much help, I rolled a couple sushi rolls...but that's about it! This meal was amazing as always...and it reminded me of how important it is to keep tradition alive and going. In typical Japanese fashion, every dish has a meaning...really cool when you think about it. Love, B

Ozoni - mochi soup is for strength and prosperity.

Basic takuan sushi (pickled daikon radish) which I helped with, and my mom's version of futomaki sushi with unagi added.

Nishime - Veggie stew with chicken, consisting of lotus roots, potatoes, carrots, shitaki mushrooms, fish cake, bamboo shoots, and konnyaku. My fave!

Renkon - lotus root sliced crosswise, as a symbol of the wheel of life. Isn't it cool looking...these are delish!

Cucumber salad

Kuromame - black beans with chestnuts, for good health and success.

My brother and I hated these black beans growing up, so we used to say we had to eat our age in beans, back then it obviously worked to our advantage...but not anymore! ha

Of course, every New Years needs some bubbly...this isn't Japanese tradition, but you can say it's new school tradition! lol

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