Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dumpling Grubbing

My work homies and I made a treck out to Prosperity Dumplings for a cheap and delicious lunch. The Russian at work had been talking about this place for the past month, so we decided to shut him up and go...and it was well worth it! My fave are the pork fried dumplings, but my staple would be the vegetable boiled dumplings, light and tasty and not as greasy as the pork. But you definitely need to ask for the rooster sauce on the side if you take your order to go, dumplings aren't complete without some hot sauce! Of course I had to also try their sesame pancake with vegetables, which is super filling and reminds me of a vietnamese sandwich with the carrots and cilantro inside. And my least fave were the pork fried buns...way too greasy and dense for my liking. But all in all this mass amount of food only cost me $5! And there was way too much for one order of veggie dumplings for $2 would be perf! My tummy is happy! xo, B

Menu, double click and you can actually read it! lol

Chive & Pork fried dumplings, $1 for 5

Chive & Pork fried dumplings - inside

Vegetable boiled dumplings $2 for 8...they definitely don't look like anything special here, but they are totally worth it!

Vegetable boiled dumplings - inside

Sesame pancake with vegatable - $1.25

Pork fried bun, $1 for 4

Pork fried bun - inside

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