Friday, April 16, 2010

No 6 vs Swedish Hasbeens

Okay...I received the Swedish Hasbeens clogs in black (the ones below), and they are so narrow, it felt like my feet were going to go numb from walking around in them for like 5 minutes! And to top it off, the leather is so stiff, it barely gives at all. So, they are going back to Endless, one of the most convenient websites, and I went immediately to the No 6 store to order my custom clogs. my impatient ass will have to wait 3 weeks for these bad boys, but that's the price I have to pay for my wide feet! lol

I also have to say, that after visiting the store, there are so many options and colors you can do for the clogs, who wouldn't want to get them there. The leathers are way more buttery and soft too, they will definitely be able to break in to be one of my fave shoes. I'm already eyeing the booties for Fall, these will be my test run. Can't wait! xo, B

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