Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hoarder - Buried Alive

Isn't it fitting that after I watched my first episode of the tv show Hoarders - Buried Alive, that I decided to redo my closet, and pull everything out into my apartment. It was quite disturbing to not be able to see the floors as they were covered in my fave designer duds. While Ahmed was building shelves and putting up another hanging rod in my closet, I started sorting through all my stuff. There's nothing more depressing than realizing how much money and time was spent buying all these things...well, on the upside, Goodwill will be getting some good finds in the next couple days. I have four garbage bags filled and counting, of clothes, shoes and bags to give away. This is Spring cleaning at it's best! xo, B
Umm...this is only half my shoe collection



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