Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I found myself rummaging through my closet this morning to find anything that looked like a spring outfit for today's beautiful 70 degree weather. And all I could find was this navy plaid sundress, that bared my pasty white shoulders which made me feel uncomfortably irritable the entire day. I've been so covered and layered this past winter, it was hard to deal with my new "Spring" self. say the least, I feel the need to purchase new Spring attire. And first on my list are clogs...the ones above are the No 6 "Old School" clogs, which has a store right around my office, that I attempted to visit on Friday. However, I got a bit lost...and didn't find my way there to preorder first on my list for Monday is to visit the store. The rest of the stuff is on my need (wish) list...and they are all basic and earth tones. I want my look this season to be relaxed yet put together...or laid back structured boho. Lets see how I put that together! lol...xo, B
I'm looking for a military/utility jacket in a dark army green, perfect to layer over all the light spring dresses this season. This one is by Juicy...totally digging the patches on the shoulders.
Of course the Lanvin ballet flats made it on my "need" list, but will be more likely on my "dream" list...but they are freaking awesome!

Stella McCartney jacket, love the light linen weight of this jacket, it will drape nicely.

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