Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Showtime Tribeca House Event

Time Out NY did a collaboration with Showtime, and had designers create rooms in two Tribeca penthouses inspired by the six different Showtime shows. The picture above is the dining room inspired by the show the United States of Tara. I love the painting of the pink sugar crusted lips as the backdrop to the Erickson Beamon chandelier. The whole house was really cool, and it wasn't until I looked back at some of the pictures to notice the extreme thought and detail that went into choosing the decorations. xo, B

Farida and me standing in front of U.S. of Tara cutouts

Weeds dining room

Tudors living room...the paintings were amazing, too bad you can't tell in the picture.

Tudors dining room table

Tudors bust

Nurse Jackie pill bottle wall

Hallway of pill bottles leading towards the Nurse Jackie living room.

Dexter kitchen

Dexter fingerprint paintings

Californication crib

Californication chandelier

Californication bedroom...absolutely sick, the view was crazy!

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