Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hipsters & Burritos

There's nothing better than getting a good inexpensive lunch like the food from Calexico, a street cart that serves "California-style" Mexican food. They are known for their huge burritos, with deliciously seasoned carne asada, that you can smell from a block away. They now have two cart locations in Soho, one on Wooster at Prince, and the 2nd location on Broome and Broadway. It's definitely one of the best tasting carne asada burritos that I've had in NY, which is hard to find after growing up in Southern California and being half Mexican. The cart is run by three brothers, who are always nice, unlike some of the other carts that rush you to order. And since they are from Calexico, California, they know what good Mexican food tastes like. I strongly encourage you to try the carne asada burrito if you're in the neighborhood. Don't be turned off by the line, they have a following, which is always a good sign. And it's great for people watching...B


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