Monday, August 17, 2009

What's in your bag?

I've always been curious of what girls carry in their handbags...especially in NY, we all seem to have huge bags these days. Bigger is better! So, I've decided to share my bag with all my day to day essentials. My Marc Jacobs metallic blue tote is my go to for this summer, and it holds:

*molekine notebook, for jotting down my random thoughts/grocery lists/and blog ideas.

*blackberry, need to stay connected and for BBMing...yay!!!!!

*old old old prada cosmetic bag

*rosebud salve

*Q tips, super useful...couldn't live without!

*M by MJ faux croc zip clutch, holds everything, and the zipper is important so nothing falls out!

*Cheap streetfair fan, needed for those hot/humid days waiting for the subway

*Emergen-C, great for a little pick-me-up during the day

*Ipod - currently obsessed with Gold Lion, Lady Gaga, The Knife, Thunderheist & Tupac (always)

*Fruity Gum & Mint Gum - I change my mind alot, so I always need options. And bad breath is sooo unfashionable! j/k

*Bobby pins, necessary to pin up my hair when it starts woofin!


  1. You tryna say my breath is kickin'?! RUDE!!

  2. Thuderhesit and Tupac haha i think i have that in my bag too except i have it in my vanessa bruno gunmetal grey tote