Monday, August 24, 2009

Window Wonderment

After work today, I headed to midtown to do a little shopping. I spent most of my time searching for a dress at Saks. But, of course when I'm looking for something specific, I cant find it! I left the store defeated and it was too late to shop anywhere else. I decided to walk by Barneys to look at their windows, they always have something interesting going on. And they didn't disappoint...B

The mens window had a Paul Smith vs Gucci standoff...designer gang fight!

Marc Jacobs had a cool 70s vibe but didn't keep it too serious since there were happy faces plastered all over the background and a mannequin holding up a peace sign...super cute and cheeky!

Then came the Adrienne Landau window, which was so funny and weird at the same time. I found myself laughing out loud, but then realized it was kind of sad that the fur blankets and pillows were recreated to look like the animals that they used to be. What did they expect people to think of this?

Here's a closer look

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