Monday, May 10, 2010

Full House Sick Day

Feeling crappy from some type of sinus/allegy thing, but nothing is better than having a day off from work and watching some good ol' reruns. And Full House is one of my fave oldies...Uncle Jessie is still a total hottie with his blown out hair, and it's hard to believe the Olsen empire was bustling out of the lil' Michelle Tanner. Good times, miss being kid (and my mom doting on me was always nice too)...xo, B

Loving Joey's sweater...classic 80s! It never really dawned on me how weird of a living situation these men lived in...hmmm

DJ was the coolest kid ever...I always wanted long hair like hers, and would spray myself full of Aquanet to try and get her look. And I would totally wear her military inspired top now! haha

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