Monday, May 3, 2010

Snack Time - Russian Style

The Russian at work was appalled by thought that Ahmed bought a massive amount of David sunflower seeds from Costco...when of course the Russians do it better. So he was nice enough to bring in this dark and mysterious treat for my seed loving BF to try. It's always fun to try food from different parts of the world. And it didn't stop there, he brought in some buckwheat for me...and I'm super excited to try this out. Since I love soba noodles...I must love buckwheat in its truest form...right!? lol Well I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes...Thanks Misha! xo, B

Russian Buckwheat

The best part was reading the directions of how to cook the buckwheat. Freaking hilarious, ROFL, LMFAO get the picture. Just try reading it out loud with a straight face, I dare you! lol

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