Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shabu Shabu Time

A long day ended with a great meal at Shabu Tatsu in the East Village with my fave peeps. My bro took me there last night for a late night dinner at this little gem, and it was still full of people for our 10pm dinner. Shabu shabu is always fun since it's interactive and delicious...also the meal isn't that badly priced at $22 per person which gives you your choice of meat accompanied by a salad, veggies and ice cream! This place will definitely be on my go-to list of restaurants...let me know if I have any takers that would like to join me! Loves it...xo, B

Isn't the meat pretty?

Yummy veggies!

Dipping sauces, and onions and grated daikon!

Aww...Shabu Shabu fun!

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