Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Limelight Marketplace

(Racked picture)

Ahmed, Cooper and I stumbled across the new Limelight Marketplace on Sunday after a BBQ in Chelsea. This place is gorgeous...it's a little tight, but the set up is so Parisian...it reminds me of a mini-wannabe Galleries Lafayette or Printemps. I didn't get to look around too much, but just a quick drive by, and of course picked up a red velvet cupcake at the Cupcake Stop. It was so good...a moist cake with a deliciously creamy (not too sugary) frosting. It's just so funny to have such a bougie lil boutique-type mall which used to be Church turned-dirty club known for drugs and fights that always broke out...and yes, I did go to Avalon when I was a wee lil' newbie to the City. That's a whole other story...lol...but, this place is worth a peek. I know the reviews of the Limelight have been pretty dismal, like how can we have a "mall" in NYC...but it's pretty cute! A place you're not going to visit for everyday shopping needs, but it's cool to take visiting guests to, or for destination shopping, like gifts of bougie soaps or chocolates. Try it out...xo, B

The club Avalon back in the day (Gothamist pic)

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