Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gucci Key Case - The Bougie-ness Keeps Spreading

Ever since my stolen purse way back when (of course I've moved on, lol), I haven't been able to replace the perfect MJ key case I had...except for this loud bougie Gucci key case I just purchased on sale at Hautelook. I'm a bit embarrased by the logo mania of this little guy, but, it is perfect for that city girl, who needs her keys and metrocard in one quick and easy spot. And it's so clean looking, I really don't like key rings, they just get so messy looking...and the older I get, I seem to accumulate more and more keys. Love this key case, but why do they all have to be so bougie, LV makes some too, and they're more expensive and just as logo-d up! Oh well, the sacrifices I make for an organized purse! lol...xo, B

See the inside slot for your metrocard...clean and perfect!

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