Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall 2010 Lust List

I wanted to zone in on the actual pieces I've been contemplating purchasing, so I created my lust list for Fall. The lust list is now taped to the wall of my cube, so I can fantasize about the items and think if they are necessary additions to my wardrobe. Starting from the top left going clockwise are the J.crew Britten tall flat boots, Marc by MJ cotton twill military coat from net-a-porter, J.crew Dorian wedges, Marc by MJ Saddlery Sophie from shopbop, Marc by MJ Nan metallic cardi from net-a-porter, and the No. 6 Leather buckle boots. There is obviously a bunch of stuff I love and date on and off...but these are key pieces that I want that will be in regular rotation through winter. Oh yeah, and thanks to G for helping me create my cool collage. xo, B

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