Friday, September 24, 2010


Had a little Mexi for dinner last night at Mercadito in the East was a small bday gathering for my older bro, the real shindig is next weekend. We ordered a bunch of stuff, but my hands down fave was the carne asada tacos. We started with the mahi mahi avocado ceviche, it was not that tasty which I was surprised by, because the website calls itself a cevicheria...hmm...but, it's pretty lol. Definitely stick to the basics here, they're worth it! I will for sure stop by this little joint again, and now know what to order. xo, B

Traditional guacamole, I don't like sweet takes on this dish...they had a couple fruity versions like mango, but that's a hellz no to that one.

Queso fundido with chorizo...bomb! The cheese was crisp and toasty on bottom which stuck to the plate...but the disappointment was finding out when the busboy took away the dish, that there were hidden tortillas to accompany it. Oops...but who doesn't like cheese all by itself.

Fried plantians

Carne good!

Carnitas tacos...No way man! There were peanuts and cabbage on was one hot was like having thai food on a tortilla. I overheard the cute little gay couple next to me raving about them, but they probs just weren't in the know, lol...but to each their own! haha

Chicken mole tacos...the texture of the chicken was good, crisp edges, and the mole was so so...after I dumped the hot sauce on it, the flavors were more appealing. Probably wouldn't do this one again, but would to the basic chicken tacos next time.

Of course the Bday boy didn't want any deserts, but his gf and I did...Tres Leches cake.

And carmelized plantains...just extra sweet plaintains, but good.

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