Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Star Sighting ... Bryanboy

So the highlight of going to the Marc by MJ show was seeing Bryanboy...hellz yeah! He's not only a super famous blogger, but he's inspiration for many designers and fashionistas world wide. I had the pleasure of listening to him speak at the Indepedent Fashion Bloggers conference last Thursday...which only made me love him more. He's cray cray...hilarious...and high energy, he can totally keep you entertained for hours on end! I had my starstruck moment and ran up to him to tell him I loved his blog...and then only 5 mins later did I realize I should have given him my faux biz blogger card! haha So I waited for a break between him getting stalked by paparazzi and ran up to give him my info. Love you Bryanboy! His outfit is great, and the shoes are spectacular! Love love loves...xo, B

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