Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marc Spring 2011 Show!

3:50pm, Nadia runs up to me asking if I want to book it to the Marc by MJ show at 4pm...let me re-emphasize that for you...4pm, meaning 10 minute to get from Soho to the Armory in the Murray Hillish area, lol. Anywho...thus began the stomping around in my Chloe sandals to make to the show in time. Of course it didn't start on time, and the place was heating up. It ended up being typical Marc perfection...lots of Spring colors...yellows, blues, and whites...followed by jumpers, stripes and paper bag waists. Fun in the sun with pops of color...as always, I loves me some Marc. xo, B
Nadia and me in the cab

A little Marc action

More Marc action

The man himself...looking stellar as usual!

A model after the show, in total Marc style too...And yes, the hair was fro-d out...dude I can totally rock a fro! haha

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  1. Yay for fros! I love mine haha she is rocking that bookbag to, totally a marc jacobs look.