Monday, August 9, 2010

ABC Kitchen

Loved it! I had a girls night out on Friday at ABC kitchen...drinks, food and a little shopping, what more could a girl ask for. Everything is beautiful in this restaurant, not only is it part of ABC carpet, which is heaven for furniture, but you can also buy anything in the restaurant at the store. And an added bonus, is that everything is organic or local...which makes you feel good when you splurge on a meal. First up, was a sparkling melon cocktail, light and refreshing for this hot summer days.

Next, pretzel dusted calamari with marinara and mustard dipping sauces.

Akaushi cheeseburger, with herbed mayo and pickled japanese jalapenos (BOMB)...apparently, as per my Japanese companion, Akaushi is a special type of Japanese beef. Oh yeah, and let me not forget that the fries were ridic, they had these crispy parsley flakes mixed in...Yummers!

Here's the kicker, warm doughnuts with chocolate and bacon sauce, & if I can remember correctly a strawberry jam. I obviously went for the chocolate, it was interesting with a smokey flavor, but not sure if I would say that I loved it.

Salted caramel ice cream...amazeballs

Vanilla chip ice cream cake with lemon sorbet...ehhhh not my fave.
But all in all, this meal was pretty bomb! I was a bit reluctant that their cocktails didn't have a bit more kick to them...but it kept the evening light and chatty. Always a good time, xo, B

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