Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lunch at Liebe

My work crew decided on trying Liebe, a new "gourmet Indian fusion" spot that opened up in that old yakitori space next to Pinche on Mott St. I ordered the potato filled liebe roll, which is essentially like a khati roll. I wasn't thrilled with it, the seasoning on the potatoes seemed to just be a lot of salt and pepper...but it was good when I smothered a ton of the cilantro dipping sauce they provided. I probably wouldn't go back for the roll...but the channa (chickpea) salad was bomb. It had a nice kick to it with a ton of onions and cilantro...and for only $3, it's not bad for a light lunch. My coworkers tried the chicken roll, which looked way next time I might have to try that out. Just keeping you in the know...xo, B

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