Friday, August 20, 2010

Torrisi for Lunch

I was ravenous after my hectic noon time cyber my work BFFLs and I decided to try a semi new Italian specialty shop over over on Mulberry St called Torrisi...not to be confused with Parisi, our OG fave Italian sandwich shop. The spot was busy, and we waited in line a good 5 min, and then waited for our sandwiches another 15 mins...but it was all worth it. I split an Italian combo on a hero, and a house roasted turkey on a hero with Ris so we could try half of each. The meat was seasoned and fresh to perfection...with a spicy sauce along with lettuce, tomatoes and onions...both were bomb diggity. It's definitely a worthy spot for the wait...and I've already picked out the chicken cutlet as my next sandwich to try. My belly is full and it's time for a nap...TGIF! xo, B

Italian Combo on a hero, $10

Oven Roasted Turkey on a hero, $10

Perfect lunch in the park to kick off the weekend!

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