Friday, August 13, 2010


Another indulgent dinner with some lovely peeps at Convivio...a highly rated Italian restaurant in Tudor City. Tudor City you ask? It's around 1st ave between 41st and 43rd st perched on top of a little hill in midtown's coined the "city within a city." This little neighborhood is sometimes annoying to get to, and has it's own restaurants, tailor, nail shop, dentist, flower shop etc...just sayin so you're in the know.

We had a resi at 8:15pm, the joint was packed with a bunch of suits...yikes! I'm such a dowtown girl, that the sight of old men in their suits from the workflow of midtown is always a damper to the my opionion, lol. I started off with an extra dirty martini...but since this place was soooo hot...I mean I was breaking a sweat sitting there...I couldn't enjoy it...which I have to say put a damper on the meal.

Second course, I ordered the squid ink pasta with olives and calamari...fave course!

Main course, Capesante - diver scallops, heirloom squash, snap peas with pine nut pesto...didn't love this dish...left a bitter aftertaste.

This was my brother's meal, the Costoletto di Vitello - parmesan crusted veal chop...this was good, and Cooper got to have the bone last night which he loved...thanks Jon.

For dessert, which we all split and nibbled...were these warm chocolate (I think) filled donuts with a white chocolate orange dipping sauce.

Lemon basil and strawberry panna cotta, with strawberry sorbet on the was light and refreshing...but could only have a couple bites of the panna cotta...not so much my thing.

The ice cream was my faves...strawberry, raspberry and lemon ice cream...notice they are melting since I wouldn't let anyone touch them until I took a picture of everything, lol...yes, the sacrafice you have to make to eat with me, lol.
Good dinner, good company...Convivio has been checked off my list. Thanks JW...xo, B

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