Monday, August 16, 2010

Los Hermanos - Tortilla Factory

Saturday night Ahmed and I took a little field trip out to Bushwick to enjoy some of the best tacos in NYC at Los Hermanos tortilla factory. It's mainly the fresh hot tortillas that make the taco...but the spicy pork is ever so tasty as well. The trip was totally worth it, but somehow this lil spot has been discovered since my last trip out there last summer! It's been taken over by hipsters...long stringy hair, skinny jeans with questionable sexuality...when upon my last visit, it was majority Mexicans that only spoke Spanish. Aww...kind of sad when your secret spot gets discovered. I had spicy pork quesadillas and then chorizo taquitos pictured below...yummers! Will definitely be making another trip back there soon! I just have to work off these tacos first. xo, B

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