Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Moda Suki!

Happy birthday to Moda Suki, happy birthday to Moda's been a year since I started blogging...and boy have I had fun documenting my shopping and eating and fun times! It's definitely a weird concept to be discussing everything going on in your life...a little self absorbed...but I'm glad I've inspired some peeps, even though they may be my besties! lol These pics are from a little bbq I forced my brother into hosting...thanks JW! And the pic above is of the amazing red velvet cake from Costco. Everyone was surprised by how good it was, the cake was totally moist and perfect. Good times, even though we sat in the rain for most of the bbq...totally worth it. xo, B

The view below from the rooftop bbq...thought the street being all tagged up was kind of cool.


  1. Happy Birthday Moda!!! Thanks for all the great tips and inspiration throughout the year!

    Your fav Moda Suki fan – HOLLA! (EM)